Lights ON Day

Even though it is fall break at United Township High School...students in the Lights ON program are spending the day learning about local history

(East Moline) Heather Monson, Social Studies teacher at United Township High School, is leading a unique local history excursion for UT students on their fall intersession.  Approximately 50 students volunteered to take part in this experience, which focuses on Quad City history from the Civil War to the 21st century.  Through visits to the Black Hawk Hotel, Arsenal Island, Davenport House and Modern Woodman Park, students will learn how residences of the Quad Cities lived, worked and played through the decades.  The goal is for students to investigate our community's role in the American History they are studying in the classroom.  This trip is made possible by the 21st Century Learning Communities Grant and the Lights On for Learning grant coordinators.

Agenda:  Approximately 50 students and 4 adults will be leaving from UTHS at 9am.
9:00-9:30am-Travel to the Blackhawk Hotel
9:30-10:30am-Private tour of Historic Blackhawk Hotel
10:30-10:40am Travel to Modern Woodman Ball Park
10:45-11:30am Behind the scenes look at Modern Woodman Park
11:30-12:15pm Lunch in Sky Deck
12:15-12:30pm  travel to Arsenal Island Via Moline
12:30-1:30pm Groups Split 1st Group Arsenal Museum/Davenport House
1:30-2:30pm Route Groups
2:30pm Load buses, drive through cemetery...head home

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