River Action's Taming of the Slough Mississippi River Adventure Triathlon -- September 12.

Saturday, September 12, 8 a.m.

Bass Street YMCA & Sylvan Boathouse, 1701 First Avenue, Moline IL

Outdoor adventurers are again invited to paddle, mountain bike, and run their way to the top in the eagerly anticipated, 15th-annual Taming of the Slough Mississippi River Adventure Triathlon, the River Action-sponsored test of endurance set to take place on Saturday, September 12.

As in years past, Taming of the Slough is a challenging and rewarding competition for those passionate about boating, biking, and running. The boating (by kayak or canoe) constitutes a is a 2.5-mile paddle in the Sylvan Slough. The biking features a short ride to Sylvan Island for a demanding mountain-bike course returning to the Bass Street YMCA (2.5 miles paved, 5.2 miles off-road). The running, meanwhile, is covered with a two-mile run along the riverfront trail. Participants can compete individually or as a team, and are asked to arrive for the race by 7:30 a.m. on September 12, as all transitions take place at the foot of 17th Street outside of the Bass Street YMCA in downtown Moline.

Due to River Action's observance of COVID guidelines, some changes have been made to this year's event: All participants will wear face coverings before and after the race; volunteers will wear face coverings throughout the event; racers will be started individually; and the post-race food will be provided by a local food truck. Participants must also provide their own equipment (bikes, helmets, paddles, life jackets, canoes or kayaks), and bike tires must be wider than 1.4 inches. In the event of rain and trail closure, the race will continue using the riverfront bike trail for the biking course.

For more information on, and to register for, the 15th-annual Taming of the Slough Mississippi River Adventure Triathlon, call (563)322-2969 or visit RiverAction.org.

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