Last June, the Davenport City Council approved a $48-million development agreement with the Isle of Capri to build an 11-story casino hotel with a five-story adjacent parking ramp on downtown Davenport's riverfront, after less than a month of formal review that included the public.
Reported cases of sexual trafficking in the United States are horrifying and, unfortunately, not uncommon. In recent years, our federal courts have heard cases involving a group of Thai women - promised good-paying restaurant jobs - forced into prostitution upon their arrival in New York; a group of Mexican teenagers - told they would be working as waitresses and child- and elder-care workers - held in sexual slavery in Florida and the Carolinas; a syndicate of smugglers and pimps who brought hundreds of Asian women (some as young as 13) into the United States, forcing them to work as prostitutes - and making them live in bondage - until their "contracts" were paid off.
Editor's note: The Isle of Capri's application with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for its riverfront-hotel and casino-relocation project has triggered a public-comment period that ends on Thursday, December 22.
In a large room of a warehouse, countless cardboard boxes sit on the floor and along the walls, overflowing with televisions, computer monitors, wire, and various computer components. An adjoining room has bales of compressed pieces of plastic stacked three and four bundles high that look as if they're ready for the junkyard.
Two weeks ago, an elderly woman walked up to where Dan Carmody was sitting in the 3rd & 22 sports bar in Rock Island. "Hi, honey," he said to the woman. "You traitor," she responded. She was kidding, of course, but the greeting isn't surprising.
A nighttime walk through a haunted house? Scary. A nighttime walk through an unfamiliar forest or abandoned, ramshackle building? Scary. A nighttime walk through a haunted house set in an unfamiliar forest or abandoned, ramshackle building? Freakin' terrifying.
For evidence that the Peace Corps is changing, you need to look no further than the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. For the first time, the Peace Corps is employed in a domestic situation. The Katrina initiative will involve the Peace Corps' Crisis Corps, which during times of emergency sends returned volunteers to the foreign countries in which they served.
Several Rock Island organizations have come together to donate $90,000 to the local Rock Island Youthbuild program to keep it from having to shut down because of a lack of funding. As a result, Youthbuild will be able to remain operational until at least December.
Thomas Hylton wanted to change things in Pennsylvania. So he made a picture book. About urban sprawl. It's the kind of idea that's at once radical and obvious. Radical because we expect books about sprawl to be academic and dry and concerned with public policy and statistics about pollution, commutes, lost farmland, and population density.
For anyone who has spent time working to ensure that their garden or yard or home landscaping looked not only presentable but beautfiul, certain questions routinely pop up: When should I plant seeds for my flower bed, and is that the best time to plant seeds for my vegetable garden, too? How do I remove that tree stump from my backyard without removing my leg in the process? What's the deal with those damned weeds growing back in the same place year after year, and how do I make them stop? Answers to these and other outdoor questions will finally come via this weekend's Two State Forestry Conference & Expo.