The Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) is in the process of reapplying for the federal HOPE VI grant, after having its first application, for $20 million, denied on May 17. The grant is intended to be the facilitator for a $40.
Proposed cuts in federal education funding are forcing local college officials to come up with creative ways to fund programs that might be affected by these cuts. If approved, President Bush's budget would cut 66 percent of funding for adult basic education classes.
At the first session for public input on the proposed Rhythm City Casino hotel and parking ramp on the riverfront, Clayton Lloyd greeted roughly 400 attendees with candor. "We're very pleased and somewhat overwhelmed at the response," said Lloyd, Davenport's director of community and economic development.
A small group of thoughtful people could change the world," Margaret Meade once said. "Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." That's also the belief of Progressive Action for the Common Good, but a small group was most certainly not the case at the public summit that more than 400 people attended April 16 at Augustana College.
Citizens' anger over garbage and stormwater fees imposed by the Davenport City Council is fueling efforts to recruit candidates to oppose incumbent members of the council in the municipal election this fall, according to interviews conducted by the River Cities' Reader.
By 1945, World War II had finally reached its end, and a young German girl named Anne Frank, most of her family, and more than 6 million others had lost their lives in the Holocaust. Sixty years later, the legacy of Anne Frank remains with us still.
Recently appointed Illinois state Senator Mike Jacobs is spearheading a new task force to look for ways to speed up construction of a new Western Illinois University - Quad Cities campus on the Moline riverfront.
James Naguina believes that veterans who have served their country honorably, but fallen on hard times, deserve an opportunity. "What I am trying to sell is a second chance for an individual that has sworn to give his [or her] life up for this country, and did serve this country honorably," said Naguina, employment specialist for Goodwill Industries of Southeast Iowa.
Under Iowa law, a city's comprehensive plan - meant to be a community's primary planning document, particularly as it relates to land use - has virtually no teeth. Because of that, members of the City of Davenport's "design center" are working to make the city's overarching planning document as user-friendly as possible.
A recent survey conducted for the Genesis Heart Institute is providing the fuel for an outreach campaign for people to get their cholesterol and blood-sugar levels tested. The survey asked questions of 525 people in the Quad Cities area age 50 and older, discussing everything from demographics to health-care habits to risk factors for heart disease.