Rosemary Gordy: Candidate did not provide answers to survey questions. She did, however, send the following letter: Although I found your questionnaire interesting, you asked for specifics that are based on suppositions on issues that may or may not arise. I would like to offer you this statement. As you know, I am the Bettendorf 4th Ward Alderman. My tenure on the Bettendorf City Council began in 1988 and has continued for 13 years, 11 as Mayor Pro-Tem. This opportunity has given me considerable experience in the areas of government finance and problem-solving. It also has provided me with a broader view of our economic needs through our interaction and relationship with Scott County. Some of the issues I believe we must address include : A solution for the jail overcrowding problem, which must be economical and not jeopardize the security of the public. Because we are both urban and rural in our geographic makeup, it is essential that these diverse interests be considered as we move into the 21st Century. It is the responsibility of all supervisors to represent all of the citizens of the county. It is time for all county elected positions to be elected by the people and not arranged by the "good ol` boys" as has been the case in the past. We can`t allow the vital services for our citizens that their tax dollars support be lost to our community - such as Vera French Community Mental Health Center and Scott County Community Services. And, how we treat the needs of all our citizens says a lot about our high quality of life in this community. I promise I will represent all the citizens of Scott County and get them the best value for their tax dollars. What are the three most pressing issues likely to face your government body during your term, and what specifically would you support to address them? Minard: The three most pressing issues are to maintain the high standards and efficiency of operation that are the current hallmark of Scott County government; to be an effective partner with organizations and communities in Scott County as they strive to meet their goals; and to receive, review, and make recommendations regarding the report of the committee studying the future of the Scott County jail. Differentiate yourself from your opponent(s) on three issues you think are important that you also expect your governmental body to consider during your term. Minard: In addition to the three items listed above, I do believe that the Board of Supervisors can position itself to take a more visible and dynamic role by helping all the elected officials in Scott County - cities and school districts - think strategically about where we all want to be in 5, 10, or 20 years, and how we are going to get there with available resources. List three specific programs or projects for which you would support increasing funding, even if it required reducing funding to other programs or projects. List three specific programs or projects for which you would support decreasing funding, regardless of whether the budget required it. Minard: The level of funding for specific programs or projects can best be determined when all requests are balanced against all available funds. Finally, the board must look at its own priorities and act accordingly. If it were clear that a large majority of people in your district opposed a proposal that you strongly favored, what decision would you make and how would you justify it to your constituents? Minard: First, I would work with others to create a proposal I could in good conscience vote for. If that failed, I would vote my conscience and offer a clear rationale for my action. What specific proposals would you support to bring genuine economic growth - new jobs that pay well, companies committed to the community - to the Quad Cities? Minard: I feel that Scott County has to continue its support of Bi-State, the Quad-City Development Group, and the various development groups that exist within the cities and towns of Scott County. County government can partner with each of them to define the optimum kind of growth that will bring good jobs to this region. List specific proposals that would improve cooperation and reduce competition among government bodies in the Quad City area. Minard: My response to the second question represents the best hope for improving cooperation and reducing competition. We need a vision for this county inclusive of all units of government that helps us create an environment for a superior quality of life within our budgetary limits. List any specific proposals you would support to improve the integrity of your legislative body, including in the areas of campaign-finance reform, lobbying reform, sunshine laws, and ethics legislation. Minard: I would support any corrective legislation that helps the citizens become better informed about the actions of their local government. As a public employee for 36 years, I always assumed everything I did and said was a part of a public record and acted accordingly. What proposal(s), if any, would you support to relieve overcrowding in the Scott County Jail? Minard: I would give thoughtful consideration to the recommendations of the jail study commission in 2002. We need to continue with alternatives to see what help they might be in reducing the jail population. The report should give us sound information and clear recommendations for solutions to overcrowding in the Scott County jail.

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