River Action's Channel Cat Talks, June 4 through 25

Channel Cat Talks: Thursday, June 4, through Thursday, June 25

Riverbend Commons Dock, 2951 East River Drive, Moline IL

Riverine Walks: Saturday, June 6, through Saturday, June 27

Various Quad Cities Locations

For those seeking outdoor education and entertainment after many months spent indoors, topics such as Mississippi River history, hydropower, native bird species, and more will be explored when River Action begins its annual presentations of Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks – “Explore the River Series” celebrations of the Quad Cities' unique culture and landscape taking place several times weekly from June 4 through 27.

Channel Cat Talk participants tour the Mississippi River aboard the Channel Cat Water Taxi, with boarding taking place at Moline's Riverbend Commons Dock. With experts providing narration on the themed surroundings, headsets are provided to all attendees of this River Action series, and physical distancing and reducing capacity on the water taxi to half (24 people) will keep participants safe and healthy. The Channel Cat Talks for June include: “Paleomntology on the Water” (June 4), in which Augustana professor Dr. Kelsey Arkle discusses the the deep history of the Mississippi River and the story of its life before the arrival of humans; “Raptors Along the River” (June 9 and 11), with Scott County Conservation Naturalist Dave Murica showcasing birds of prey and educating adults and kids on their habitats and ecology; “Hydro Potential,” in which Dr. Roger Viadero presents on the two hydropower dams in our area and describes their use and potential; and “Water Quality” (June 23 and 25), with Rock Island's Lisa Perry exploring what's in our water and how cities pinpoint pollutants.

River Action's Riverine Walks, June 3 through 27

Riverine Walk participants explore the Quad Cities through a series of guided walks at various area locales, with physical-distancing measures also taking place for this River Action series. June's Riverine Walks series features: “Renewing Moline: Redeveloping the Riverfront” (June 6, meet at 30 18th Street in Moline), allowing attendees to see how the construction of the I-74 bridge offers an extraordinary opportunity to redevelop a portion of downtown Moline; “Saving the Rusty Patched Bumblebee” (June 10 and 13, meet at Davenport's Junge Park at 301 West 35th Street), with Brittany Ackerland highlighting the programs that Davenport is employing to restore wild habitat and save native species; and “The History of the Heights” (June 27, meet at Davenport's Lindsay Park east of Jersey Ridge and 11th), in which Matt Johnston leads a walking tour covering early settlement, Civil War and Dakota internment camps, and residential development in McClellan Heights.

Channel Cat Talks take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and are $15 per person, while Riverine Walks are held on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 9 a.m., with admission $6 per person. Face covering will be available from River Action for those without it, and more information on the “Explore the River Series” presentations ia available by calling (563)322-2969 or visiting RiverAction.org.

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