ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS (September 3, 2020)  Augustana College students now have 24/7 access to medical and mental-health visits, anytime, anywhere, through a telehealth program called Students.Care.

Augustana is partnering with EIIA and TimelyMD, a national leader in online health-care services, to provide this service.

“Augustana students are very involved and active on our campus and in our community,” said Dr Wes Brooks, dean of students. “We wanted to be able to provide them with health-care services they are able to access at any time. It’s important they are able to prioritize their physical and mental well-being, and this service helps accomplish that.”

The program began August 31, the first day of classes for Augustana’s fall semester. Telehealth services are free for the student to use. Augustana is covering the initial costs of this new service during this academic year. Students would be responsible for any additional lab-work or prescription-drug costs.

“Virtual access to medical and mental health-care is now more important than ever,” said Luke Hejl, chief executive officer of TimelyMD. “A strategic telehealth program like this is more than an access tool it demonstrates institutions’ continued commitment to students and families during this critical time.”

The telehealth service comes just after the opening of an in-person clinic, and this is part of nearly $20-million invested in health and wellness initiatives at the college within a year’s time. Augustana launched an academic program in kinesiology, and mental health services were expanded for more frequent and virtual options. Plus the Peter J Lindberg MD Center for Health and Human Performance is scheduled to open next spring.

Augustana also offers on-campus mental-health counseling services at no cost. Students have access to these counseling services during regular business hours and on a regular basis. The telehealth service provides an additional resource for students seeking mental-health counselling.

“Students.Care truly complements the continued efforts of Augustana College to become a leader in student well-being and resiliency by expanding mental-health resources beyond the campus and by creating a rich array of supportive services,” said William Iavarone, director of counseling services at Augustana. “Student Counseling Services is so grateful to have Students.Care enhance our continuum of care, giving Augie students more options for support, growth, and acceptance.”

Along with the mental-health services, the Students.Care program gives students the chance to be seen virtually by a health-care professional for common medical conditions including colds and flu, in addition to other conditions.

“Access to medical care 24/7 gives students the peace of mind they need to continue being active, engaged, and creative community-members on our campus,” said Dr Brooks. “It also provides parents with an additional level of trust that their students are being cared for.”

Known for sparking passionate curiosity, Augustana College is an empowering home to explore over 90 areas of study. Augustana’s innovative program, Augie Choice, transforms students into global citizens,

thinkers and doers with a $2,000 grant to explore the world, complete an internship, or conduct research with a professor. Augustana students achieve a balance inside and outside of the classroom; ranking top ten in all divisions for Academic All Americans. Transformed to be different, current students and alumni include health-care heroes, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, college presidents, and leaders across all continents. The college enrolls 2,500 curious changemakers who get energized by four years as part of a community that reflects the diversity of the United States.

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