AMES, IOWA (June 25, 2019) — The Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean's List honors students who have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Carly Bates of Muscatine, Iowa

Corina Bates of Muscatine, IA

Adam Borders of Blue Grass, Iowa

Lauren Brewer of Bettendorf, Iowa

Makayla Buck of Davenport, Iowa

Claire Campbell of De Witt, Iowa

Julia Campbell of De Witt, IA

Jarrett Chapman of Davenport, IA

Heather Coers of Cordova, Illinois

Shayla Cooper of Davenport, IA

Alexander Curlee of Bettendorf, IA

Nathan Flickinger of Andalusia, Illinois

Araceli Garcia of Moline, Illinois

Hannah Garland of Dixon, Iowa

Rachel Garlock of Davenport, IA

Brianna Gorham of Illinois City, Illinois

Chloe Hagen of Stockton, Iowa

Raven-Skye Haller of Muscatine, IA

Chelsea Harris of Muscatine, IA

Derek Henningsen of De Witt, IA

Kennedy Hill of Ankeny, Iowa

Hunter Hinton of Geneseo, Illinois

Ethan Hornbuckle of Bettendorf, IA

Emily Howell of Walcott, Iowa

Kelsey Karnish of Donahue, Iowa

Tyler Ketelsen of De Witt, IA

Dayna Kraklio of Walcott, IA

Keegan Lass of De Witt, IA

Emily Lemons of Davenport, IA

Martin Leyhe of Davenport, IA

Samantha Lyle of Davenport, IA

Emma Maynard of Muscatine, IA

Samantha McGee of Bettendorf, IA

Christina Meadows of Bettendorf, IA

Bradley Melvin of Le Claire, Iowa

Arieanna Murley of Milan, Illinois

Cole Neese of Davenport IA

Grant Nickles of Bettendorf, IA

Riley Nylin of Eldridge, Iowa

Zachery Petersen of Long Grove, Iowa

Emmalynn Rossmiller of De Witt, IA

Allison Rueter of De Witt, IA

Anna Smidt of Bettendorf, IA

Sarah Thomas of Davenport, IA

Emily Tonn of Davenport, IA

Brady Trego of Muscatine, IA

Bailey Tuttle of Davenport, IA

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Iowa State University is one of the nation's most student-centered public-research universities and is recognized among the top 50 public universities in the nation by US News and World Report. With hundreds of student clubs and organizations, thousands of internship and co-op opportunities, and more than 80 learning communities, the university offers a student experience rich in academic and social diversity. Students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries choose to come to Ames, Iowa, to study with world-class scholars and hone their leadership skills.

Part of what makes Iowa State such a special place for our students to learn and grow is the uniqueness of the faculty and staff who work here. Our faculty and staff have established a leading-edge reputation among peers for innovative interdisciplinary academic programs, an ever-expanding learning community program, and entrepreneurial experiences for students.

Plus, Ames has been recognized as the second-best college town with a population under 250,000. And did we mention we've also been voted one of the top 10 best places to live in America? So it's no wonder why our students love it here.

At Iowa State, students will find 100 majors, 800 clubs, and one amazing adventure.

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