DAVENPORT, IOWA (July 20, 2020) — The Downtown Davenport Partnership, in conjunction with the City of Davenport, is seeking public input via an online perception survey of the downtown’s central business district. The survey results will be used as part of the development of a master plan for the area. Success of the master plan hinges on the development of a clear vision that is community-driven and based in the realities of the Downtown Davenport market.

In addition to demographic information, the survey will include questions pertaining to attractions and events, public realm and placemaking, wayfinding and streetscape and public safety. The survey also will include questions related to COVID-19 re-opening strategy.

The three key takeaways the survey results will determine include:

  • Who comes to the downtown?
  • What, or why, do they come to downtown Davenport?
  • How do they get there?

“Public engagement is a crucial part of this process, and this survey is a vital tool in learning what Quad Citizens envision for the future of downtown Davenport,” said Kyle Carter, Executive Director of the DDP.

According to Carter, downtowns play a significant role in economic and community development across the Quad Cities region, and vibrant downtowns are crucial to attracting and retaining talent.

“This project will help us create a bold vision for how we want to see our downtown grow over the next ten years, specifically focused on economic development, placemaking, how to drive more investment and ultimately win over the next generation.”

Take the survey at: https://www.downtowndavenport.com/downtown-davenport-master-plan.

About the strategic master plan

In February DDP, a division of the Quad Cities Chamber, selected WXY, an architecture, urban design, and planning firm, to develop a strategic master-plan for the downtown district. WXY is partnering with SB Friedman, a specialized real-estate and development-advisory firm, and Sam Schwartz, a national leader in multi-modal urban mobility, to complete the project.

Survey results and vision submissions will help support or inform the group’s continuing planning work. The project is expected to be completed this fall, and pending Davenport City Council approval, the DDP and the City of Davenport will work together to bring the plan to fruition.

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