MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (November 21, 2019) — Monmouth College officials have taken another step to make the College more affordable for its students. Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, textbooks will be included as part of the College's tuition.

"We have heard from students and their families that the cost of textbooks can sometimes place an unexpected financial burden on them," said Vice President for Enrollment Management Kristen English. "This measure will make it more convenient for students to acquire their textbooks and also make it easier for families to budget the cost of a Monmouth education." The Monmouth textbook program will reduce students' overall annual cost of textbooks because the College will be able to negotiate and lock in more competitive prices with its supplier, Follett Higher Education Group. "We know that college costs are among the most important and most difficult challenges families face," English said. "Our families make incredible sacrifices so that their students have access to a Monmouth education, and the textbook program is another way the College continues to assist them." Dean of the Faculty Mark Wilhardt said the College's textbook program will also ensure that all students start each semester with all of the academic resources they need to be successful. "Our faculty will continue to select high-quality, affordable textbooks that support our academic programs," he said. "Everyone at the College works hard to manage costs and to assure that our students get the best experience they can. The textbook program is yet one more way Monmouth is working to make sure that students are ready to learn from day one, while keeping an outstanding education affordable to all families."

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