IOWA FALLS, IOWA (October 5, 2020) In the year 2000, former Governor Robert Ray and Founder and Chairman of Casey's General Stores Donald Lamberti finalized their plans to create a state-wide organization that would assist Iowa communities in making the state a better place to live, work, and raise a family. KEEP IOWA BEAUTIFUL was born, the 23rd state-affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

"In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the founding, KIB has created an expanded photo contest with cash awards of over $2,000," said Kevin Techau, Keep Iowa Beautiful Executive Director.

"This is a great way for Iowans to share what they like about Iowa," added Techau. "There are five categories to enter your favorite photo of what makes you proud to be an Iowan and captures the beauty and spirit of Iowa."

The two-phase contest begins now with entry deadline on December 18, 2020. Each of the five categories will be awarded 1st place: $100; 2nd place: $75; and 3rd place: $50.

January 18-31, 2021, the five first-place winners will be featured on Keep Iowa Beautiful social media for voting and selecting the Public Favorite Photo. The winner will receive an additional $100. The Robert D Ray Best of Show Awards, determined by a distinguished panel, will also be announced at that time. The Robert D Ray Best of Show award amounts are as follows; 1st place: $500; 2nd place: $250; and 3rd place: $100.

Randi Ray, Robert and Billie Ray's eldest daughter, has agreed to serve on a panel of judges. "Photography was one of my Dad's favorite pastimes," said Randi. "During his 14 years as governor, he and my Mother traveled to many places around the world and he always had a camera around his neck." Randi added, "Dad was so proud of Iowans and their efforts to make Iowa a great place to live."

The five categories are:

Iowa Landscape

Capture Iowa's beauty through depictions of Iowa's landscape, including but not limited to: farm fields, rolling hills, and wooded forests.

Iowa Water

Feature Iowa's beautiful water systems with depictions of Iowa rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes.

Iowa Cities

Iowa's urban centers are hubs of history, culture, and beauty. This category features depictions of Iowa's cities, street scenes, and urban landmarks.

Iowans in Action

This category aims to capture the spirit of Iowa through depictions of the people that live, work, and play in Iowa. All means of action that can be captured: biking, running, fishing, hunting, and hiking are but a few. 

Iowa Wildlife

Iowa is home to a variety of beautiful critters. This category aims to showcase Iowa's beauty through depictions of Iowa's wildlife animals: mammals, fish, birds, bugs, and more!

Contest rules and entry guidelines are on KIB's website:

For follow-up questions about the 20th Anniversary Keep Iowa Beautiful Photo Contes or Keep Iowa Beautiful, please contact Kevin Techau, Executive Director;

About Keep Iowa Beautiful 

Keep Iowa Beautiful was established in 2000 by Co-Founders Robert D Ray and Donald F Lamberti becoming the 23rd State Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. It is a 501c3 charitable organization working with Iowa citizens and communities in improving the vitality and cultural health of the state of Iowa. KIB is building stronger communities to develop sustainable futures. For additional information, visit

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