DAVENPORT, IOWA (December 1, 2020) — This is the year for a new holiday tradition! Jólabókaflóð is the Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition of gifting your favorite people with a favorite book to read that very night!

Here at the library, our patrons are our favorite people and we would love to gift you with a favorite book this holiday season! Register by December 11 for a wrapped present to be picked up at the library of your choice between December 18–23.

Kids (ages 0-10) register here: https://bit.ly/dpl-yulebookfloodfkids

Teens (ages 11-19) register here: https://bit.ly/dpl-yulebookfloodteens

Adults (ages 20+) register here: https://bit.ly/dpl-yulebookfloodadults

Jólabókaflóð or Jolabokoflod means "Yule Book Flood." The tradition began during World War II when foreign imports were restricted, but paper was cheap. Iceland’s population was not large enough to support a year-round publishing industry, so book publishers flooded the market with new titles in the final weeks of the year. The result was this tradition! You'll find most Icelanders snuggled up with a cup of something warm, reading a book on Christmas Eve.

This event is FREE and open to the public. For more information visit www.davenportlibrary.com or call the library at (563) 326-7832.

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