DAVENPORT, IOWA (June 1, 2020)  Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Roxanna Moritz confirmed today that the Iowa Primary Election in Scott County will be held tomorrow, June 2, 2020. The polls will be open, 7AM-9PM, pursuant to state law. Moritz made this confirmation after receiving communications from concerned citizens that the civil unrest might delay voting.

“I have contacted the various law enforcement agencies in Scott County to inform them that by law we are required to hold the election tomorrow,” Moritz said. “Law-enforcement officials assure me that they will take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the public and our precinct officials during the election,” she said.

Moritz also reminds voters who have not returned their absentee ballots to mail them today, June 1, 2020 mail or hand deliver them to the Auditor’s Office, Scott County Administrative Center, 600 West 4th Street in Davenport, Iowa. Ballots can be deposited in the Drop Box located in the main driveway of the Administrative Center.

Moritz also reminds voters that in-person early voting is still available at the Scott County Administrative Center until 5:00 p.m. today. Voting will occur on the first floor Board Room with special provisions for social distancing. At this time the rest of the Administrative Center is closed to the general public.

Polling Places Consolidated to Limit Public Exposure to COVID-19

Finally, Moritz also reminds voters that Scott County polling places have been consolidated for the June 2, 2020 Primary Election in an effort to combat spread of COVID 19. She said the number of polling places have been temporarily reduced to 23 from the usual 63.

“We cannot call off or postpone the election, but we can take steps to limit exposure to the corona virus for the county’s precinct election officials and the general public,” Moritz said. “Pursuant to Iowa law I have ordered consolidation and combination of polling places. Several of our usual locations were understandably hesitant to open their facilities to the general public. Also some locations did not lend themselves to social distancing requirements,” she said.

“Reducing the number of polling places also allows for reducing the number of precinct officials needed to run the election. Most precinct officials are older and more susceptible to serious complications from COVID-19. I especially do not want to unduly expose them to this danger,” Moritz said.

Voters can visit the Auditor’s web page for specific information about the new polling places at the link below:


Anyone with questions or for further information please call the Scott County Auditor’s Office at 563-326-8631.

Follow the 2020 Elections on the Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scottcountyauditor for future updates.

List of New Polling Places by Current Precincts

Bettendorf Precincts:

B11, B12, B21, B22, B23, B31 & B32 Bettendorf Community Center, 2204 Grant St, Bettendorf

B41, B42, B51 & B52 Tanglewood Hills Pavilion, 4250 Middle Rd, Bettendorf

Davenport Precincts:

D11, D12, D13, and D14 Fairmount Library, 3000 N Fairmount St, Davenport

D21, D22, D23, and D24 - Christ United Methodist Church, 2330 W 41st St, Davenport

D31, D32, D33, and D34 Scott County Administration Center, 600 W 4th St, Davenport

D41, D42, D43, D44, D51, D52, D53, and D54 4H Building MV Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust St, Davenport

D61, D62, D63, and D64 Unitarian Church, 3707 Eastern Av, Davenport

D71, D72, D73, and D74 Community of Hope Church, 415 W 53rd St, Davenport

D81, D82, D83, and D84 Eastern Library, 6000 Eastern Ave, Davenport

Rural and Small City Precincts:

Allens Grove/Donahue Donahue Fire Station, 302 Main St, Donahue

Buffalo and Buffalo Township Buffalo Community Center, 426 Clark St, Buffalo

Blue Grass Blue Grass Public Safety Building, 606 W Mayne St, Blue Grass

Eldridge Precincts EL1 and EL2 Scott County Library, 200 N 6th Ave, Eldridge

Hickory Grove Township Maysville Fire Station, 23630 93rd Ave., Maysville

Liberty Township New Liberty Fire Station, 765 Pike St, New Liberty

LeClaire Precincts LC1, LC2, and LeClaire Township LeClaire Fire Station, 201 N 15th St, LeClaire

Long Grove and Winfield Township Long Grove Community Center, 114 N 1st St, Long Grove

McCausland McCausland Community Center, 305 N Salina St, McCausland

Park View Park View Lutheran Church, 14 Grove Rd, Park View

Princeton Princeton Community Center, 428 River Dr, Princeton

Pleasant Valley Township Trinity Lutheran Church, 18137 Criswell St, Pleasant Valley

Riverdale Riverdale Town Hall, 110 Manor Dr, Riverdale

Walcott Calvary United Methodist Church, 100 E James St, Walcott

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