DES MOINES, IOWA (October 16, 2020) Iowa Workforce Development has announced that Director Beth Townsend has been appointed by Robert Wilkie, US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to serve as a member of the Department of Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans (ACMV). Dir Townsend’s appointment is effective immediately and will continue through June 2022.

“I trust Beth’s judgment and advice on a myriad of issues that impact Veterans and minority group members across Iowa, and I have no doubt that she will quickly become a respected voice on the Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans,” said Governor Kim Reynolds. “She is exceptionally well-qualified to advise the Secretary on the administration of VA benefits and services to minority Veterans; assess the needs of minority Veterans with respect to such benefits; and evaluate whether VA compensation, medical and rehabilitation services, outreach, and other programs are meeting those needs.”

The ACMV advises the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on the effectiveness of the VA in delivering and administering benefits, programs, and services to minority Veterans. The ACMV also reviews reports and studies pertaining to compensation, health-care, rehabilitation, outreach, and other benefit programs administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. By law, the ACMV focuses its efforts on serving five minority groups including Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic/Latino-Americans, Pacific-Islander-Americans, and Native-Americans.

“I am deeply humbled by this appointment and excited to continue the significant improvements made by the Trump Administration in providing Veterans with more accessible and better quality care,” said Dir Townsend. “The work of ACMV is vital to ensuring that the VA addresses the needs of our minority Veterans so they also receive equitable care from the VA. I look forward to helping to ensure that minority Veterans receive the benefit of the promise America made to them in exchange for their sacrifice in serving our great country.”

This appointment will not impact Dir Townsend’s current leadership position with Iowa Workforce Development, and all costs associated with her participation as a member of the ACMV will be covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. More information about the ACMV can be found on the Department of Veterans Affairs website at:

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