Prints from the Great Day in the Quad Cities portrait taken at this month's ArtStroll are now available. The photo, the second in a planned cycle of four documenting different facets of the arts, is a snapshot of the area's music community. To order an eight-by-ten print, send a $5 check payable to MidCoast Fine Arts to: Great Day Portrait; MidCoast Fine Arts; P.O. Box 4142; Rock Island, IL 61204-4142.

Pardekooper Backing Band Disbands

The Devil's House Band, the backing band for boogie-bluesman Kelly Pardekooper, has played its last show. The Iowa City outfit played one final time at Gabe's on August 24. Guitarist Dustin Busch is leaving the group to "pursue some other musical projects," Pardekooper reports. Fans of the singer-songwriter shouldn't fret, though. The artist behind the wonderful Johnson County Snow will continue to play with Teddy Morgan in September and do some solo and duo dates, as well. Pardekooper is also working on a live disc for late-fall release and will be going back into the studio in October for a new album.

Art Gallery Hosts Folk Duo

Fans of folk music might want to hop in the car this weekend. The Almblad Gallery in Clinton will be hosting the husband-and-wife duo Patchouli on Friday, August 31. The gallery is located at 239½ Fifth Avenue South, and the concert starts at 8 p.m. For more information on the gallery or the band, visit ( or (

Java Club Offers "Post-Folk"

A little closer to home, independent songwriters Eric Nassau and Robert Vincent Loss will play Theo's Java Club in Rock Island on Saturday, September 1, at 9 p.m. Nassau brings good humor and warmth to the mix, while Loss covers darker territory, singing murder ballads, blues rants, and bluegrass showdowns.

The "David Lynch of Country" Visits Iowa City

The title "David Lynch of Country" is a pretty fair description of Robbie Fulks, who will be playing a 6 p.m. show on Friday, August 31, at Gabe's in Iowa City. Yes, he plays country, and yes, he's making fun of it, too. It's witty, smart, contemptuous music, and you should catch it if you can.

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