Over the next few months, four weekends of music will be distilled into one compact document of the Quad Cities music scene in summer 2001. This past weekend, the Blackthorn Pub & Eatery in Moline began a four-Sunday series of concerts featuring more than 20 Quad Cities bands and solo acts. The recordings will be pared down into a single CD to benefit Gilda's Club Quad Cities and the Mississippi Valley Blues Society's BlueSKool program.

"Musicians in general get together for charity," said Dustin Cobb, who hosts Thursday night open-mic showcases at the Blackthorn and will be mixing the new CD.

Since the project was hatched several months ago, Cobb said he's gotten interest from approximately 30 bands. "I get phone calls every night from band members," added Kim Richardson, co-owner of the Blackthorn.

Richardson said that the live compilation CD will give some less-known acts an opportunity to break through. "This is their chance to get on something that's heard," she said.

For Richardson, the CD project is a marriage of several of her passions: the restaurant, music, and not-for-profit organizations. She said she interviewed the leaders of 20 organizations before deciding to whom the CD's profits would go.

The event, Cobb said, was not originally born of altruism. "I got some fantastic new recording equipment," he said, and that's where the idea of a compilation was born. While Cobb suggested recording Thursday open-mic sessions, Richardson added the charity angle and the idea of a Sunday showcase for a diverse slate of bands.

The four-evening recording process includes two acoustic nights (July 22 and August 5) and two band nights (July 29 and August 12). The lineup last weekend included Chad V, Jeff Soberoff, Leann Pendlton, Larry Bo Boyd, Solitude, Joey, and Rodeo Butterfly.

A panel will choose what it thinks is each artist's best song, and Cobb will spend the following week mixing the songs for the CD. A master should be done by August 20, and the CD could be released in early September.

On August 19, the Blackthorn will also host a listening party featuring live music and a raffle to offset the CD's overhead. Richardson said a December raffle to benefit Toys for Tots netted $5,500.

Cobb said production expenses are currently expected to be more than $4,500. He added that he expects raffles and admission charges to cover those costs; if that happens, the full purchase price of the CDs would go to Gilda's Club and BlueSKool.

Lineups for Remaining Recording Sessions:

July 29:
Elixir, Bone Daddies, Triple Nipple, The Whatever Blues Band, and Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls.

August 5: Jordan Danielson & Friends, Tiffany Christopher, Krogman & Carlson, Terryll Lyons, and Tez from Dr. Hook.

August 12: Roamin' Souls, Listen, Dead Roots, The Afterglow, Kevin Boyd & Susan Lortz, and Shane Johnson's Blue Train.

The shows run from 6 to 11 p.m. Sundays at The Blackthorn Pub & Eatery in Moline and are open to the public.

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