Every thinking American knows on some level that his/her current political disposition is based almost entirely on emotions triggered by media manipulation like never before.

So take a moment to assess yourself with as much self-honesty as you can muster regarding what you actually know about current affairs – in other words, verifiable facts – but also, just as importantly, the context of those facts that are informing your political opinions and rationales.

If mainstream media is your primary source of news, especially cable and broadcast news, you are being relentlessly triggered, inevitably trapping you in an “arena” mentality of picking a side – right or left – and pigeonholing you within predictable, managed parameters of behavior modification.

And this prison of stupid is precisely where the social engineers of this systematic behavioral manipulation want you. The fact that you do know this on some level, yet continue to ignore it, let alone resist it, makes this toxic political environment a deeply selfish, unimaginative, lazy, and in too many cases, a cowardly indulgence. Translation: your fault.

Mindlessly buying into the daily rickety media narratives of biased, fact-less, mostly anonymous, contradictory, redundant, conflicted, and emotional-charged memes delivered in short disparate spurts is a communications tactic in the world of behavioral science.

It is the polar opposite of reasoned, thought-provoking dissemination of need-to-know information, and is deployed throughout the news industry with impunity. It is no longer news, and the industry is not the Fourth Estate. It forfeited that awesome responsibility in favor of activism, mostly liberal by all scientific polling. News anchors, regardless of party identification or affiliation, abandoned even the veneer of investigative journalism, favoring celebrity-hood. Technology means not actually having to travel where the news is, such as to Syria or Yemen. Instead, producers can green-screen the appearance of being on location without a hair out of place. These theatrically-savvy spokespeople read their lines as directed, elevating guided speculation, sprinkled with the glitterati of idealogical spin, as news.

There are countless examples of compiled clips of these 24/7 anchors repeating identical words, phrases, and highly specific iterations across not just news segments on one channel, but across multiple channels during multiple news segments. Proof positive that the so-called news is rigidly scripted and hive-mined.

How about this: reacting emotionally to news items is your first clue you are being played. Emotionally-charged responses have their footing in the more primal lymbic system of our brain, taking root quickly and more permanently. As a result, it is much harder to change or reverse an emotionally derived opinion than it is a rational one. Social engineers depend on this well-established tenet of behavioral science. As long as an emotional response can be elicited from you, the odds of you pushing past that emotion to reason through the information that caused it become far less likely.

You have to resolve yourself to the fact that most news is negative; that's why it's news. But only authentic investigative journalism is real news. In its true and proper form, nothing but the facts are allowed. And every relevant bit of information must first be sourced, then verified multiple times where possible. These are the minimum standards for information to be considered reliable, trustworthy news. Anything less is unacceptable.

The public must sort out the issues, problems, trends of the day for themselves. That's how it works in a free society. Augmenting information with opinion, spin, and political leanings is fast becoming a license for indoctrination. Replacing neutral, fact-based news with biased narratives that are sourced anonymously confirms a complete degradation of the integrity of the news-delivery mission of media as the Fourth Estate – the watchdog of the people. Media has abdicated its prime directive to inform the public reliably, without usurpation as special interest platforms that advance the narrow agendas of backroom political and social provocateurs.

Time for you to get back to rational assessment of the news because the stakes have never been higher – as you are about to learn. It is time to reignite your individual responsibility to question things, especially government and big business, where it dominates. Reignite your natural, healthy skepticism that is one of the defining characteristics of a free society. Redeploy your critical thinking skills by seeking to resolve the contradictions that present, by questioning underlying assumptions, verifying information points, exploring proffered solutions' potential unintended consequences … . You know, stuff like that.

And rededicate yourself to the rule of law and the overarching principle that evidence matters. It's the only thing that matters in a just society. Finally, get real about the truth of things, without the overindulgence of emotions, but instead with the intellectual acuity required to assess things as they are. And you better get comfortable in the middle, because that's where the truth mostly exists.

The following compiled list of news items have gone dangerously unreported, underreported, misreported, or malreported by mainstream media. While you've been wallowing in an epic distortion of emotional angst and drama triggered by media's relentless coverage of President Donald Trump – all bad, all day, every day – to keep you disgracefully distracted (whether you hate him or love him does not absolve you) from vital news and updates of current affairs and events that are in your purview as an American, and demand your attention beyond a cursory read or blurry explanation confined to a three-minute news segment. This is serious stuff and ignoring it makes you a civic accomplice – and if you have children and/or grandchildren, also makes you a crap parent/grandparent. What you do now is what your progeny lives with later.

We all owe them and each other and ourselves some discernible effort to hold our government accountable for increasing egregious patterns of conduct, including actual legislation and rule-making that threatens the foundational protections of our basic individual rights. While mostly our fault for our inexcusable non-participation beyond morbid malicious discontent or delusional hero worship, the malfeasance afoot during our watch is coming to fruition unchallenged.

The increasing secrecy under the guise of national security is permitting nondisclosure of government activities and finances; including certain unscrupulous corporations; fraudulent charitable foundations; parasitical NGOs, denominational organizations, and academia, inevitably rendering the public obsolete in this republic's governance model. It is a diabolic strategy and it is succeeding thanks to our individual silent exempting of ourselves en masse from nearly all civic participation.

Below, and in upcoming issues, is an itemization of critical information, with a brief explanation and links for you to further research. This country needs to snap out of it and reengage now. We need a civic reawakening if we want to effect change, if you want to effect change, in time. Tick tock … .

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (SMMA), buried in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act for good reason because it repealed the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act (SMA). The Smith-Mundt Act is also known as the U.S. Information and Education Act, which authorized the State Department to engage in propagandizing foreign countries as a form of public diplomacy. The SMA established that via the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe (RFE), the State Department and office of Public Affairs were authorized to disseminate propaganda to foreign publics, but were strictly prohibited from releasing that same propaganda in America for U.S. public consumption.

This prohibition was lifted in 2012, when the SMMA was signed into law by Obama, allowing the same propaganda disseminated from our government to foreign publics, to now be released in the U.S. for the very first time. And yes, our government is also now allowed to create propaganda tailored specifically for U.S. public consumption using any media as it sees fit, while remaining anonymous as the source material being reported.

This covert activity by our government's state department (Public Diplomacy) and Public Affairs department can only occur with corporate media's full complicity, for which it is compensated, so that when our own government's propaganda is presented to the American people, we are none the wiser that it is scripted, orchestrated and fully U.S. BBG-approved and -permissioned as America's new news (newz).

The SMMA also provides ample funding for its U.S. propaganda programming, which incentivizes mainstream media to partner with the BBG to participate in a desirable new source of revenue to backstop its failing news operations due to increasingly low ratings and the public's growing loss of confidence in media's reporting veracity, regardless of political affiliation.

The newly permitted alliance between the U.S. State Department and America's corporate media takes the solemn responsibility from reporters and news departments for verification of information. It's a form of broadcasting and/or publishing immunity, for any misinformation, false or fraudulent information, misrepresentation, and anything else previously prohibited by the SMA, and if serving national security, potentially a government sanctioned license to lie. Congress expressed these concerns while considering the SMMA, but instead of inserting protections, it left the legislation wide open for interpretation.

Consumers of news can't deny the departure from traditional fact-based news that began in earnest as of 2012. Generally speaking, however, is a stubborn residual belief among Americans that media would never be permitted to knowingly deceive people, there are laws against such abhorrent conduct. Media broadcasters would lose their broadcasting licenses, and publishers would lose their standing as providers of news that is no longer reliable or trustworthy. It is also largely known that our government is forbidden to propagandize Americans using deception, especially via a free press, right? Wrong.

Grasping the importance of the SMMA and its undermining of the free press, American governance, culture, and structure as a free society cannot be understated. Inform yourself so that you can identify propaganda newz and reject it. Otherwise drone on.

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Bureau of Global Public Affairs

In tandem with the repeal of the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act via the 2012 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, the Bureau of Global Public Affairs (BGPA) announced its recent rollout during a C-SPAN-covered event on September 4, 2019.

The attendees, including a representative from Voice of America, and viewers learned that the Bureau of Global Public Affairs is a consolidation of the Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy within the State department. The Assistant Secretary of State and Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs, Michelle Giuda, presented on the merger, claiming it will work closely with its media partners as it ramps up its mission to “better communicate,” assuring the audience that it is “perfectly aligned with Smith-Mundt.” However, Giuda neglected to mention that Smith-Mundt is no longer strictly applicable.

This new Bureau of Global Public Affairs is no small matter and its significance will only grow as propagandized newz proliferates and becomes the norm. It is the largest reorganization of the State Department in 20 years, according to Sim Farar, Chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (USACPD). His Commission is tasked with submitting an annual comprehensive report that reviews over 20 state departments' and other government agencies' activities in international public diplomacy, including the broadcasting activities of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and offers recommendations. Of the 122 recommendations since 2013, 55 percent have been implemented. One of those recommendations was the recent merger of the State Department's Public Affairs with the U.S. Agency for Global Media (Public Diplomacy).

It is imperative for you to learn and share information on this new Bureau of Global Public Affairs because its activities include you, too. Follow it where you can, pay attention, and start connecting these very serious dots. This Bureau impacts many areas when it comes to public relations on behalf of government. This is a new agency so information gathering will require extra discernment. For example, searching Govtrack found no results for “Bureau of Global Public Affairs.”

It is also useful to familiarize yourself with the real life players involved. We tend to think of departments, committees, and bureaus as faceless, nameless people. This Bureau's people have faces, names, relevant applicable histories, and are knowable – so get to know them. They are public servants, and that is supposed to be a good thing. Either way, you pay them, so check their work.

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https://2009-2017.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/index.htm [Note: Human-trafficking reporting is under the purview of the Secretary of State Public Diplomacy]


5G Technology

A simple explanation is as follows: 5G is basically electromagnetic wavelengths, sometimes referred to as signatures, that bear an exponential increase in density and strength. Electromagnetic wavelengths travel within an Electromagnetic Field (EMF). EMFs exist all around us, and produce varying levels of radiation emissions, depending on their intensity, wavelength, and pulse rate.

The first generations of EMFs associated with cell phones and towers (1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G) operated on a lower density and pulse-rate spectrum due to the wavelengths of approximately 3-6 gigahertz (GHz) traveling longer distances and dispersing radiation over wider areas. Still, there is ever-increasing confirmation of serious health hazards associated with this lower level spectrum of EMF radiation emission attributable to cell-phone use. These hazards include cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, genetic damage, autism, mental illness, and dementia, all part of a growing list of health risks that are found to have correlations with EMF radiation emissions already prevalent, not counting the increased exposure predicted to occur as a result of 5G technology.

Now comes 5G, with a wavelength called a millimeter wave (MMW) of approximately 30-300 ghz. But because it is a much shorter wavelength, it is denser with a much faster pulse rate, substantially increasing the amount of radiation emissions. Underpinning the growing alarm within the biomedical community, is that the 5G wavelengths are much shorter, so their travel distance is dramatically reduced, concentrating emissions in a much narrower area.

Currently, 3G and 4G operate via large transmission towers that are spread in wide grids, miles apart from one another as they transmit. Hence the ability for radiation to disperse over a greater area between towers. 5G will require mini antennas located approximately 20 meters apart from one another for the continuity of transmission. In its initial rollout, 5G will require at least one mini-antennae per block, approximately 250 mini-antennas per square mile, all emitting exponentially larger levels of radiation during transmissions.

In addition, the macro 5G system will require approximately 20,000 satellites launched into space directly above Earth, blanketing the planet with additional EMF radiation. 5G's rollout is on a fast-track, proceeding with infrastructure development before the individual components that comprise the 5G technology have been worked out. And also before any industry or government-sanctioned research has been conducted on the potential health impacts and potential negative consequences from this new technology.

5G is promoted as a modern efficiency technology, connecting more devises together, downloading large amounts of data much faster, seemingly providing all manner of potential improvements. But some argue that 5G is not for the benefit or enhancement of consumers' usage, but to increase speed and efficiencies in machine-to-machine communications and applications, many of which are strictly military and intelligence-gathering applications.

Currently, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 exempts the telecommunications companies from liability for health hazards. However this indemnification may not apply relative to 5G due to the thousands of independent studies and peer reviewed papers on the dangers of EMF radiation since the1930s. Many of the Telecoms' investors syllabus' disclose the potential financial risks looming if health hazards emerge from 5G, especially because no insurance companies will provide liability insurance for such potential future claims.

Still, there is currently no legal remedy to prevent the telecoms from installing their 5G antennas on or near your property if your city has already contracted with them for 5G. So now is the time to intervene and demand that your city does not contract with telecoms or 5G implementation until the telecoms devotes resources to studying the risks and acting responsibly. The telecommunications industry has devoted $50 trillion to the infrastructure development that will accommodate 5G. This is an unprecedented budget for a single technology and feasibly could free funding for such an important aspect to the tech's longterm success. It begs the question: Why not?

This brief explanation is the tip of the tip of the 5G iceberg. The argument favoring 5G technology sooner than later includes an overarching global anxiety that whoever secures 5G tech penetration first will rule the future economically. So, naturally, the U.S. race is with China. Always always follow the money, and also, of course, the obsessive, relentless pursuit of power and world domination.

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www.emfwarriors.com to access useful video library

The Secret Behind 5G Technology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNBYF2ry6lc





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