My sincere thanks to Scott County Supervisors Diane Holst and Brinson Kinzer for supporting recording Scott County Board meetings, making them accessible to everyone with a television or Internet access. They are taking the people’s side in conducting the people’s business.

When I attended the January 2, 2015, board meeting – at which new members were sworn in – I witnessed a breach of the rules for electing the apparently pre-selected chair. (The name plaque for Tom Sunderbruch as chair had already been printed.)

It went: “The nominations for chairman is open. Any nominations?” Hancock: “I nominate Tom Sunderbruch.” Earnhardt: “I second.” “All in favor. The vote is unanimous.” There was no opportunity for other nominations, no opportunity for discussion, and no close of nominations prior to the vote.

But I can’t prove that because it wasn’t reflected in the minutes, which read: “Moved by Hancock, seconded by Earnhardt a motion that Tom Sunderbruch serve as Chair of the Board of Supervisors. All Ayes.”

A recording would have revealed that breech.

Supervisor Jim Hancock said that if people are truly interested in an issue, they show up. Supervisor Hancock, perhaps working people can’t show up because of the times of the meetings – 8 a.m. for Committee of the Whole (when the real work is done) and 5 p.m. for board meetings.

With trust in government at an all-time low, I believe supervisors Tom Sunderbruch and Hancock may want to re-evaluate their positions on open government.

Since neither plans to run after their current terms are up, hopefully their replacements will take the people’s side.

I will be the first to donate $500 to a “Watch How Our Supervisors Spend Our Money” fund to provide live and archived video and audio. And, so far, I have $1,550 in additional pledges.

Mike Angelos

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