In light of the current events, to the great disgust of the American public, and that of the majority of the Senate, I am appalled at the repeated attempts of certain pro-energy-industry senators to exploit our national-security crisis for their own interests.

Former Energy Committee Chairman Frank Murkowski and a few other Senators introduced a "stripped-down" bill that would reauthorize the Price-Anderson nuclear-insurance scheme - which doesn't even expire until next August and is only needed to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, provide some gas-pipeline incentives, and provide minimal funds for renewable-energy projects.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has already made it abundantly clear that now is not the time to bring up this sort of controversial legislation to the Senate floor. So Murkowski and his colleagues are trying to bypass Daschle and get their own bill voted on.

Not only does this show a blatant disregard for our great nation, but the course of these divisive actions threatens to hold up the whole of the entire U.S. Senate at such a crucial period in our history.

It's time for the people to take action, and urge our Senators to oppose minority efforts to add controversial energy legislation, including any form of the Price-Anderson, to urgent bills. It's time to support alternative power.

We demand a sustainable future, now.

Leslie Perrigo,

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