Over the last few weeks there have been numerous comments, articles, phone calls, and interviews regarding the dress code and actions of O'Malley's in The District of Rock Island. (See "Fashion Police on the Beat in QC Clubs," River Cities' Reader, January 3, 2001; and "Dress Codes Discriminate," River Cities' Reader, January 17, 2001. ) It's time for the record to be set straight.

We have a dress code at O'Malley's for one reason, and one reason only: the safety of our patrons and staff. We do not have a dress code in order to discriminate against anyone, regardless of his or her nationality. Many people have asked questions such as, "Why no FUBU, Starter, or Echo?" The answer is quite simple. We aren't saying that you can't wear these types of clothes, but the clothing has to be within the guidelines our dress code states (e.g., no jerseys, numbers, or excessively baggy clothes).

The results of having this dress code have been outstanding. We have had more customers than ever before, and the overall atmosphere has improved tremendously. Even the Rock Island Police Department commented to the door staff on their crackdown of keeping trouble out of our bar.

We realize that many people out there think this is a race issue, but believe us that it is not.

As far as the quotes by Bruce in the January 3 issue, he was misquoted, end of story.

We invite all of you to come down and experience our bar for yourself, especially before you make uneducated comments about us. We believe that if you do come down, you will find that this isn't a racist bar, and we welcome everyone to come out and have a good time. After all, if Councilman Terry Brooks can come down and find out for himself before commenting, why can't you?

Following this letter, you will find a copy of our dress code so you know what is and isn't accepted. If you have any questions, call the bar before you come down at 786-2136. So come on down, enjoy your favorite Mardi Gras beverage, and have a good time at O'Malley's. But remember, the dress code is strictly enforced.

O'Malley's Dress Code

· No excessively long or baggy pants.

· No excessively long shorts.

· No excessively long belts.

· No sweat suits, warm-ups, or nylon pants.

· No jerseys of any kind (team, numbers, etc.).

· No coats. (Must be left in car or carried.)

· No chains, medallions, or charms.

· No plain white T-shirts.

· No sleeveless shirts of any kind.

· No do-rags, bandannas, visors, stocking caps, or bowlers/derbies.

· Baseball hats must be worn forward at all times.

· No soiled, smelly, worn-out, or offensive clothing.

· Proper footwear required at all times.

Violation of the above rules will result in a charge of trespassing.

We reserve the right to refuse entry and service to anyone for any reason. All of the above is left to the discretion of the staff and management of O'Malley's.

O'Malley's Management,
Rock Island

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