History tells us that despite biased and prejudiced criticism, great works of art succeed and stand the test of time. The Passion of the Christ is expected to gross over $350 million in theatres despite the opinions of the socialistic liberal media. I love this country.

Corey J. Diekman
Grand Mound, Iowa

Support Small Farmers

The upcoming elections require us to be aware of many issues. From abortion to homeland security, we are educated and opinionated. However, our small farmers are taken for granted and rarely given the attention they need. In the 1990s farmers began to face more financial difficulties when the Freedom to Farm Act was repealed. This legislation ended farm price supports and eventually led to the many financial failures of modern farmers. Our small area farmers are forced to sell their belongings in order to pay outrageous bank debts. Despite having to work extreme hours under harsh conditions, these humble people are only rewarded by minimal profits and possible bankruptcy.

The number of small farms and farmers has been rapidly declining. Consequently their support also suffers as their voices also fall in numbers. These farmers are our neighbors, providers, and friends. Their cries for help often fall upon deaf political ears. As an entire Midwest community we need to take a stand and support our small farmers. Bills are being debated in Congress that could offer relief for our hard-working farmers. Legislation such as H.R. 2978 could provide much-needed tax breaks, which could help protect small farms from destruction. Not only would we help our neighbors; we would also be able to prevent large corporate companies from completely taking over the farming industry.

These large companies have been competing against our small farmers for decades, but unfortunately they have also been winning. Not only have they been trying to stomp out our communities; they have also brought new problems. We now have new concerns of an over-abundance of genetically modified foods and animal cruelty. Their drive for production and profits often forgets these costly controversies. The only way to fight this evil is to take a stand! Show your loyalty to your neighbors and educate yourself. Let your legislators know that you want to save your local farmers. Help support the people who help you put food on your table.

Elizabeth Pareigis
Iowa City, Iowa

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