I am very impressed with your newspaper's Issue 487 about the rental inspections and fire inspections. Most newspapers will not print the truth. At one time I owned 27 rental units; I have sold all my residential units and purchased commercial units so I would not have to deal with the city inspections. But now the fire inspection fees for commercial units are more expensive than the residential units. I have written two letters to the fire chief, the First Ward alderman, the city administrator, and the mayor asking about the constitutionality of the ordinance, but no on will respond to me. I feel your newspaper would do a great job for the people of Davenport if you were to follow up on this matter. Is it worth investing in Davenport? Do we still have a Constitution? Is the Bill of Rights more than an old document?

Terry Weipert

The Trouble with Bush

Let's see, when President Bush took office, we had a big surplus ready to be used to shore up Social Security, and now we have a record-setting deficit. We've had record-setting unemployment levels, and jobs are flying overseas. This president's health-care reform favored the HMOs and the pharmaceutical industry by including language that does not even allow the government to negotiate lower drug costs. Who got the biggest tax cuts? The upper echelon of society did, not the average American family.

And worst yet, the current administration started a war amongst record-setting worldwide protests and without UN support. The war in Iraq is costing Americans billions of dollars a week. Dollars that are needed right here; American families are struggling. State budgets are struggling. The war in Iraq isn't going well either. Our young soldiers are being killed daily. After more than two years of occupation, the progress is stalled because of national-security problems, the insurgence of al-Qaeda terrorists, and the lack of support of the Iraqi people.

President Bush's war on terror? Where is bin Laden, the person responsible for September 11? Where is the terrorist who unleashed anthrax upon the United States Capitol and the U.S. postal system? Where are the WMDs? Do I think we need new leadership in America? You bet I do. We need new leadership to restore America's reputation around the world, to implement a better strategy in Iraq, to restore our economy, to implement real tax reform, real health-care reform, and real educational funding. We need a leader who will bring a brighter future to America. That new leader is John Kerry, and that's why I am voting for John Kerry for president on Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

Carol Brown

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