I am concerned about the manner in which the recent dismissal of a 22-year Davenport city employee took place. It appears that the council has sacrificed Mike Meloy, City Attorney, at the expense of unknown political agendas. This personnel issue became public information when Mr. Meloy's termination coincidently occurred while Davenport City Council was trying to justify disciplinary action against Mr. John Martin, City Corporate Counsel.

The manner in which this termination took place is questionable for the following reasons: the creating, leaking, and distribution to the media of his dismissal by unauthorized sources; the lack of participation from the entire council; and the bypassing of the public-information officer concerning personnel issues.

What is at stake? The credibility, effectiveness, and objectivity of Davenport city government; the message that is sent to the community and those who are paid to represent city government, from the police, fire and other employees; the direction of our community and our democratic process. And what about moral?

Where do we go from here? Honor and enforce the existing judiciary procedures that define day-to-day city operations. Demand that the Council be active participants and bring forward the discussion of this issue based on the current mandates of City operational code.

The City of Davenport's Mission Statement: "Promoting customer satisfaction by recruiting, supporting and developing employees through human resources consultation that is: Reliable - dependable, accurate and consistent; Trustworthy - confidential with high integrity; Fair - just and honest based on rules, logic, and ethics. We foster a positive work culture to create employee success."

The City of Davenport's Vision Statement: "We are dedicated to: Enhancing the quality of life in our community; Providing the best possible services through open communication and mutual support; Becoming a team of diverse and highly skilled employees who recognize each other as the City's most valuable asset."

Now, how can this council fullfil their procedural obligations to recognize that City Employees are their most valuable assets?

834 permanent/full-time (May 2000)

102 part-time

1 temporary

11 elected officials

948 total employees (May 2000)

Jennifer Schumacher,

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