What a tribute of respect for Ron Kinser (former Iowa state legislator) as people from all walks of life came to visitation and to the funeral. As I watched these folks, I thought of our current mayor and his unfortunate tongue. In front of me sat Thom Hart. My fourth ward alderman, at 19, and one of the good ones, also mayor and a member of the Scott County board of supervisors - never in that length of time have I ever heard him use that kind of "expletive deleted" language.

Sat next to another young man who is my alderman at-large - I think some day he will make a good mayor. He has always had a civil tongue and is genuinely interested in the folks here in Davenport.

What has happened to the mayor who has only been in office six months?

First strike was getting rid of enemies starting on his second day in office - i.e., John Waddell.

Second strike was gift-buying to secure purchase of land (bribery) when citizens have not had an opportunity to even vote on the matter. A good politician is never in that big a hurry to spend taxpayers' money. Most of us would go along with one library on city property already owned.

Third strike was calling a citizen an "asshole" after the June 19 city-council meeting as he left the chambers. Two aldermen and the city's financial guru were talking to the young man. A lot of us are asking the same questions he is about better infrastructure and sewer repair as well as better spending of our tax dollars.

In baseball, three strikes and you are out. Maybe Bill Wundram as honorary mayor would do a much better job; at least he doesn't use expletive-deleted language.

P.S. Citizens of Davenport rise up and be counted please.

Susie Bell

Grant and Johnson Parents Must Accept Change

I just want to say that I am sick of the whining parents trying to keep two schools open in Davenport. Johnson and Grant, boo woo, please don't close them. These schools are special, many memories, and on and on. Everyone has special memories from school days. Things change, time marches on, budgets get cut.

What bubble do these adults live in that they can think and carry on about their little world as if the U.S. economy does not affect them? What example are the parents setting for the kids about dealing with changes and challenges?

I have never in my life heard such carrying on about two old schools by parents and action groups and whoever else is shallow enough to jump on that bandwagon.

Parents, you need to grow up. Teach your kids the lesson that there is no change without growth and no growth without change.

The kids will be fine. The school staff will find other teaching jobs, older staff will retire. The buildings are out-of-code or too old or too small.

I just wanted to voice my opinion because it seems that the media finds this newsworthy. The courts have said no. The parents need to take no for an answer and get enthusiastic about the upcoming school year for the sake of their long-suffering children.

If the parents keep this up, they will be left with a bunch of kids bawling and crying when school starts in August because the parents were too weak and whiny to accept that such is life and what does not kill you will only make you stronger.

Grow up, parents. Take all the effort you are putting into your "save the schools" thing and enjoy the summer with your kids.

Elizabeth Smith

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