A while back I attended a Committee of the Whole meeting. I had a very small sign stating, "Free Voice and Choice," which was given to all Americans because of our veterans. The sign was placed on a chair next to me; it was never raised. I was told by the mayor to put the sign away or he would call a police officer or the sergeant at arms to remove me from the meeting.

It was very humiliating to me in the presence of other citizens and cameras; I thought we all had the freedom of voice and choice. At the April 4 city-council meeting, a child about six years old stood with a sign bigger than him and much heavier than mine, framed with glass. He was encouraged by the mayor to hold it up a little higher for the viewing public to see, opposing a zoning more than a half a mile away from his neighborhood on Eastern and 53rd.

The child was yawning and yawning and finally fell asleep on the chairs.

It was without a doubt the most disgraceful political exploitation of a child I have ever seen.

Their obvious prejudice relative to this lady's zoning request is getting so far out of hand that children are allowed to languish in chamber seats to further their cause against this woman and her family.

How low is low, Alderman McGivern?

What a disgrace to the citizens of Davenport to have the mayor and council encourage this action.

Sharon Dettmann

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