It's time for a change. It's time that the Iowa school boards stop appointing individuals to the board who they think are appropriate. It's time that the people of this city/state have a chance to speak up and be heard.

I have written to Iowa Secretary of State Chet Culver at (, asking for a change in provisions. As it stands, citizens cannot petition to fill a vacancy if we feel the member being appointed by the board is inappropriate. I have asked Mr. Culver to please take a look at the provisions and make them the same as for a city council. If this change takes place, then the citizens of this city and state can petition to fill a vacancy, vacancies that happen all too often on our school boards.

I am asking for support in this endeavor. If you feel the provisions need to change, please take the time to contact Chet Culver regarding this issue.

Judi Wheeldon
Council Bluffs, Iowa

The Vast Third-World Socialist Gulag

I cannot remember ever observing so many red-herring issues being discussed in a single election in my life! Here we have two major presidential candidates, both members of the notorious Skull & Bones self-promoting secret society out of Yale, bantering at each other about unbelievably maudlin shallow issues such as their squirrelly military records and their economic nostrums, and generally hiding behind the flag and façades of patriotism as scoundrels of this magnitude always do.

I haven't heard the transcendentally important issues of the illegal war in Iraq (constitutionally undeclared by congress), which gives the president the power of a modern Caesar to send troops across the globe at will, or the even more profound looming danger of the FTAA (the sovereignty-destroying Free Trade Area of the Americas) now reportedly inching its way toward Congress under a complete news blackout to preclude opposition in an ongoing sneak attempt to pass this treaty behind our backs under the obfuscation of campaign hot air fueled by the Skull & Bones Red Herring Twins: Bush and Kerry.

Obviously if Kerry's opposition to Bush were genuine he would bring out the scandal of unconstitutional war and the Bush administration maneuvering us into the nation-ending, Constitution- and border-erasing regional-government-U.N.-connected trap of the FTAA that will erase our borders, drain our wealth, ship out our jobs and industry, and submerge us into a vast Third World socialist gulag. We must contact both houses of Congress now and demand they stop the FTAA - unless we want to change our names to Winston Smith and live in Victory Mansions.

For more information, see ( or call (800)527-8721.

Ed Nemechek
Landers, California


Last week's coverage of the Riverssance festival in the River Cities' Reader contained several errors:

· Due to an editing error, Corrine Smith was misquoted in the profile of her. Smith said, contrary to what the Reader reported, that she has always sold artwork at Riverssance.

· Thomas Chouteau taught at St. Ambrose for 29 years, not 39, as we reported.

· The painting of Chouteau was misidentified as a self-portrait. It was painted by Terry Chouteau Strader.

The Reader regrets the errors.

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