A list of candidates who are running in upcoming local elections. The Illinois Primary Election is February 27, with the General Election on April 3. The special elections in Iowa will be held March 6. MOLINE Mayor Dave Duran (D) Stan Leach (R) Georgine Corby (I) Alderman At-Large Joseph A. Maddelein (D)
Donald P. Welvaert (R)

6th Ward Alderman
Jeffrey A. Stulir (D)
Michael Crotty (R)

4th Ward Alderman
Richard A. Potter (D)
Bruce Peterson (I)

2nd Ward Alderman
Pat C. O`Brien (D)
Julie Laird (R)


Adolph De Fauw (D)
Gary Sutton (D)
Bobby Ellis (D)
Joe Moreno (D)
John Thodes (D)
Ed Dejaynes (I)

City Clerk
Arletta Holmes

William Vyncke

1st Ward Alderman
Helen Heiland

3rd Ward Alderman
Louis Moreno

5th Ward Alderman
Rick Meredith

7th Ward Alderman
Crotis Teague


Vince Thomas
Mark Schwiebert

3rd Ward Alderman
John Bauersfeld
John Wilde

Alderman At-Large

Steve Ahrens
Roland Caldwell
LaMark J. Combs
Jamie L. Howard
Keith Meyer
Mary E. Phillips

Kevin Murphy (D)
Dennis Conard (R)
Lemar Lucas (I)
Pat Gibbs (I)
* nomination deadline February 14

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