I have put four years of my life into being your mayor and have loved every second of it. As I leave office, I want to make sure that the next mayor will continue to keep the doors to City Hall wide open, will represent all of the people equally, and will do his or her part to move our great city forward.

The only candidate running for office this year who will do all of those things is Bob Yapp. Bob's background makes him the best candidate to be your next mayor. Please listen to what he's accomplished. He has been a neighborhood planner as it relates to downtown revitalization for 27 years. That means Bob has been doing for years what we must do now - rebuild our central-city community starting at the Mississippi River and working our way north through our oldest, most treasured neighborhoods. Bob has represented Davenport for more than seven years on a nationwide radio show that centers on historic preservation and community development. He has been one of the leading cheerleaders for Davenport during that time and has helped educate the country on who we are and what we stand for. Just read his yard signs: "Imagine Davenport with Mayor Yapp."

I'm asking all of you to do just that. Imagine Davenport with a mayor who is a trained, educated, and experienced city planner. Imagine Davenport with a mayor who has proven to be a professional ambassador for us and who has proven that he can relate to all of the people of our community. Imagine Davenport with a mayor who will invite everyone to the table to help move our city forward. Imagine a great, modern, revitalized Davenport with a mayor who has proven that he really, truly cares. And finally, imagine Davenport with a mayor who simply loves this town.

Many of you have been faithful supporters of me, and it has been my privilege to represent you these past four years. It is therefore very important to me that your next mayor represent you in the same way that I feel I have, with honesty, accountability, integrity, and the deep-seated desire to stand up for everyone as Davenport becomes the premier city of the Midwest. That is Bob Yapp.

Please join me this October and November and vote for Bob Yapp as the next mayor of Davenport.

Phil Yerington,

Editor's note: The Yapp for Mayor folks will be holding a "Burma Shave" campaign along River Drive, below the Riverssance festival in Lindsay Park this Saturday, September 22, between 1 to 2 p.m. Look for a strong message from Bob Yapp, who is running for Davenport mayor and promises to challenge the old ways of doing business in local government. Yapp says his primary goals include keeping the doors of City Hall open to the public, a tradition set in place by current Mayor Phil Yerington, and to move Davenport forward in a positive direction that reflects growth for all areas of the city, high-paying jobs, and above all, planning. Yapp promises to refocus the city's mission on the premise that "The taxpayer is the customer." Yapp supports the downtown River Renaissance redevelopment project wholeheartedly but also believes that taxpayers and residents should most definitely have a voice in such matters.

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