Independent Iowans For Accountability Supervisor Candidates Present Research on Ten Year's Tax and Spend History, SECC911's Hidden Costs and Proposals For Transparency and Accountability Moving Forward

IFA Concludes Board of Supervisors Either Don't Know or Don't Care

DAVENPORT, IA - OCTOBER 20, 2010:  On Tuesday, two weeks to the day prior to the election, candidates for Scott County Supervisors, running on the Iowans For Accountability (IFA) ticket, along with members of the IFA Central Committee, hosted a news conference at the Downtown Davenport Public Library. (The video archive of this news conference is online at YouTube here.)

The public, as well as the media, were invited to attend and meet and question the candidates after the presentation.

The 30 plus page IFA presentation projected on the screen Tuesday, is available online at or downloadable as a pdf by clicking here.

The group outlined how and why IFA formed and was placed on the ballot in August of 2010, a first of its kind event in Scott County's history ? and potentially in Iowa's history.

IFA found that historically the Scott County Board of Supervisors have avoided scrutiny, surrendered authority and grown government.

IFA reported that over the last ten years population has grown 5% but annual taxes collected have ballooned 76% and expenditures have grown 59%, since 2000 to over $70M.

IFA also outlined how the Board of Supervisors justified creating the SECC911 consolidated emergency dispatching project as saving taxpayers $4.6M over 20 years. IFA compared and contrasted what taxpayers were told by the Board in 2007 with what the results have been in 2010. Such results include $28M in long term debt, a special levy not subject to caps on taxes and no ceiling on future indebtedness, and a 20% increase in property taxes.

IFA Chairman Michael Elliott stated that, "We are hopeful that voters will embrace the refreshing contrast to politics as usual with IFA.  These three candidates have the skills and experience to be stewards for the county taxpayers. We want to see a change from rubber stamping proposals and spending. For decades now, this lack of engagement by the two-party status quo board members has put Scott County in the hole. We need leadership focused on lifting us out of it as opposed to digging us deeper into debt."

The candidates and attendees discussed the frustrations with the lack of consequences for such poor management of the county's resources. "If a local business or even a major corporation ran their business like this, heads would roll," said candidate John Riley, from Blue Grass. As an self-employed structural engineer, Riley has worked on dozens of municipal projects over the years and has experience keeping construction costs in balance.

The challenges and questions about the emergency communications equipment, including over 1400 $5,500 radios for a county with less than 500 employees, were brought up by candidate John Green, a heavy equipment operator, mechanic and contractor from Davenport. "I want to know more about where these radios are being deployed, who is using and not using them, and what are the details of the county's contract with Racom," Green said.

IFA central committee member and researcher Diane Holst stated it was her understanding that each radio came with a $28/month "tower fee" and that while the $28M in the 19 year bonds included amounts for service contracts, those were only good for 3-5 years and "those costs will eventually have to become part of ongoing operating expenses."

Co-chair of IFA, Mike Angelos stated, "That adds up to close to half a million dollars per year for those radio contracts."

LeClaire native and chief operating officer for his family's agribusiness, Jesse Anderson, also an IFA Supervisor candidate on the ballot, outlined his vision for a zero based budgeting policy moving forward. "If this SECC911 has such a mandate for spending that has been outsourced to a new taxing authority, and is going to cost us an additional $8M per year, then we need to find ways to cut expenses elsewhere. I'd like to see us get our expenses down to 2005 levels, that was the lowest level we have been at in the last ten years."

Anderson commented on a quarter million dollar SECC grant contingent provision for geothermal technology that was rescinded as the grant process took too long for construction efforts saying, "They took a gamble on our dollar and lost. They didn't get the grant they had hoped for and now we're stuck with the bill. This is why we need zero based budgeting; It's the fiscally responsible thing to do."

The IFA presentation also included ways an IFA led board of supervisors could protect taxpayers and create more transparent and accountable government. These dozen ideas were presented as a slide show and discussed at the news conference. ?
Some of the proposed measures include :
  • Zero based budgeting to reduce expenditures
  • Ensure remedies for any front line responders concerns with new SECC911 equipment
  • Increase awareness and publicity for board meetings, including implementing a Public with Business line item on the agendas
  • Webcast all public meetings and improve search ability of public documents on the website
For the full text and graphics of the presentation visit or click here and download the presentation PDF.

A "Meet the Candidates" profile sheet is available at the website or by clicking here to download the PDF.

For more information on Iowans For Accountability visit



WHAT: News Conference & Presentation


WHO: Iowans For Accountability (IFA) - 2010 Scott County Supervisors Candidates: John Riley, John Green, Jesse Anderson

plus IFA Central Committee Members


WHERE: Davenport Public Library - Main Downtown Branch - Basement Film Room

WHEN: Tuesday Oct 19, 2010 at  3:00 p.m.


WHY: Announce Results of IFA Research & Subsequent Recommendations Regarding County Budget, Spending, SECC911, Taxes, Board Activities and More

Even before the June primary election, it was obvious a Terry Branstad/Chet Culver contest would mainly consist of sarcastic, distorted, personal, accurate, and not-so-accurate attacks.

Despite serving five terms as governor combined and a term as lieutenant governor and two terms as secretary of state respectively, neither 2010 candidate has published detailed plans on how he would lead the efforts to fix the problems that plague Iowa: spending, taxation, education, and governance.

So it is no surprise the two took their "fried eggs" and "cooked books" televised warfare live to the stage of the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City on Tuesday, September 14.

Iowans For a Fair Debate |
Iowans For A Fair Debate Drive Launched
With Narcisse In the Gubernatorial Debates, Iowans Gain An Issues Based Election

DES MOINES, IA - August 27, 2010 | Independent gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Narcisse, running on The Iowa Party ticket, has established a new drive called "Iowans For A Fair Debate." Narcisse is soliciting support from Iowans to ensure he is included in the three scheduled debates between Governors Culver and Branstad. 

The drive, which consists of testimonials from community leaders across the state as well as an online and signed petition form available at, hopes to create a groundswell of popular support, resulting in inclusion.

Narcisse, a successful Iowa business owner for more than two decades, has published statewide papers serving Iowa's African American and Latino communities, college campuses and educators; hosted or been a weekly guest on TV and radio shows in Waterloo, Ft. Dodge and Des Moines and was a weekly guest on "Deace in the Afternoon" on WHO Radio 1040 AM from the show's inception until February 2010 when he announced he would be a formal gubernatorial candidate.

Not the establishment's proxy

"We have to include Jonathan in the conversation. He is not the proxy for the establishment Branstad/Culver is. He speaks for Iowans lacking access to our current political system because they can't afford lobbyists or make big political contributions. Jonathan will speak truth to power and hold entrenched vested interests accountable," stated longtime Democratic party activist and neighborhood leader Fran Koontz of Des Moines, chairperson for Narcisse For Iowa.

Narcisse generated much attention at the Iowa State Fair where he spent several days meeting and greeting thousands of Iowans personally. He was undefeated in capturing the State Fair Chess Championship, garnered state wide media coverage for his tax and education reform proposals during his "Soap Box" presentation, and surprised pollsters from the Iowa Family Policy Center Action coming in second with 21.3% compared to Culver's 16%.

"During the debates we will hear both Governors pander. In the end, however, both are funded by the same powerful interests such as the Kirke gambling empire. Both have ignored the abuses of bad citizens like Jack DeCoster, a deriliction of duty that could now cost Iowa its standing in the egg industry.

Both advanced the same core policies in areas of governance ranging from how they accounted for state money to their failure to reform areas like education, health and human services and the justice system. Areas of government that command more than 90% of the state's general fund appropriations according to the state's 2009 Fiscal Facts booklet," stated Koontz.

"Jonathan is a man of passion and conviction with the courage to do what's right for Iowa and Iowans. Jack DeCoster would have been held accountable by a Narcisse Administration," exclaims Koontz. "Jonathan is also very data driven and solution oriented. He's not a single issue or headline driven candidate. His inclusion in the debate will mean Iowans will hear meaningful systemic answers to how we create accountable government, restore world class education, rebuild a strong economy and promote a healthy Iowa by example," stated Koontz.

McGreevy named inclusion drive chair

The Narcisse For Iowa campaign has named key leadership for the statewide debate inclusion drive.

Todd McGreevy, who publishes the River Cities' Reader newspaper and website, is based in Davenport and is a Central Committee Member of Scott County's Iowans for Accountability agreed to chair the debate inclusion drive for varied reasons but in part because, as a property owner in Downtown Davenport he feels Narcisse is providing real leadership on the issue of income tax and property tax reform.

"If elevating the community dialog or even increasing viewership is still a goal for the mainstream media outlets who are hosting the three gubernatorial debates this fall, it behooves the organizers to sincerely and publicly respond to why Jonathan Narcisse should NOT be in the debates."

The criteria for inclusion in the debates has not been published by the debate sponsors. Recent polling since the ballot deadline of August 13th has not included Narcisse as an option and no poll that his campaign is aware of has bothered to include even a "None of the Above" option. The televised debates are being held in Sioux City (Sept 14), Cedar Rapids (Oct 7) and Johnston (Oct 21).

"Beyond being on the ballot as an independent under the Iowa Party, Narcisse is eminently qualified to challenge the two incumbent governors in a debate forum. He's served on the state's largest school board with much noteriety and press coverage for his reformist investigations," says McGreevy. "His Iowa governance survey published in 2009 is entitled An Iowa Worth Fighting For. Rarely does a candidate document such detailed analysis and innovative ideas as a pathway to solve Iowa's problems.

"Without Narcisse in the debates, Iowans will hear nothing beyond tired partisan finger pointing. Iowans will hear no articulate, specific ideas for new transformative governance in Iowa. Without Narcisse, the incumbent governors will get a pass on addressing the issues of tax reform, zero based budgeting, and education -- for the rest of the campaign. The debates will be boring and predictable and Iowans will walk away with not one new idea.

"With Narcisse in the debates, there is sure to be a massive amount of interest, throughout the state, in a race that otherwise inspires no one," stated McGreevy.

Reed named inclusion drive co-chair

Walter Reed, who served as head of the Waterloo Human Rights Commission for a decade will co-chair the debate inclusion drive. Reed was appointed to the Iowa Corrections Board in 2000 by former Gov. Tom Vilsack and served in that capacity until 2005 when Vilsack elevated him to head the Iowa Department of Human Rights. He continued in that capacity under Gov. Culver until 2009 when he was appointed to fill the vacancy of Curtis Jenkins on the Iowa Parole Board by Gov. Culver.

"As the Director of the Waterloo Human Rights Commission I became familiar with Jonathan's efforts across 99 counties documenting the state of African Americans in Iowa but also exposing the state's growing urban challenges."

In his 3,500 page report Narcisse identified solutions utilized by both state and local government officials. Even the White House developed a collaboration with Narcisee, following his statewide health and education hearings. "The initiatives enjoyed true bi-partisan support," says Reed.

"Now Iowa has become more urban than rural. The senseless violence that took place at this year's Iowa State Fair has garnered widespread media attention yet those of us that live in the heart of Waterloo, Des Moines, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Burlington, Iowa City, know this type of mass chaos is taking place nearly every weekend in our urban centers. At times these mass incidents lead to serious gunplay," said Reed. "Yet the media and political leaders have ignored this ongoing urban crisis."

"Iowa's urban areas have real challenges beyond escalating youth and gang violence in areas like housing, unemployment, and education - every school district within Iowa's Urban Eight is officially failing, according to the Culver administration. And it is clear neither Governor Culver or Governor Branstad has solutions for these challenges if they even understand them.

"There is perhaps no Iowan that has a better grasp of the myriad challenges facing Iowa's urban centers than Jonathan Narcisse," stated Reed who cited the work done prior to the school board around the state which gained national attention for its reformist results.  "As a member of the Des Moines School Board, publisher in Des Moines and host of various urban based shows on KBBG FM in Waterloo he has proven to be an effective advocate for all Iowa's urban centers. His contributions are much needed in these debates," concluded Reed.

A former rival encourages inclusion

Des Moines School Board Director Dick Murhpy, president of the board while Narcisse served, shared the following statement regarding the importance of including Narcisse in the debates:

"While I will not endorse Jon Narcisse's candidacy for governor, I will support including him in the gubernatorial debates. In fact, I think it would be good for the campaigns of the other candidates and for Iowa voters to listen to what Mr. Narcisse has to say. The two major candidates have political machines that will be busy undermining their opposition. Mr. Narcisse has no political machine. He has to rely, merely, on defining and expanding issues about the future of Iowa.

"The two major candidates have not laid out a vision for the future of our education, our taxation, nor our health. Mr. Narcisse has. While his vision is of concern for me, at least he is focusing on important issues. Including him in the debates will force the other candidates to focus on the issues and not on each other. Include him and we will all have an issues based campaign," Murphy concluded.

Kirk supports ability to bring people together

The Rev. Rogers Kirk, Pastor of the Third Missionary Baptist Church in Davenport and President of the state's African American Baptist Churches endorsed Narcisse's candidacy in March of 2010. At the announcement he stated: "Narcisse has the ability to bring people together, and he has the right ideas to fix education and the economy in Iowa. This guy has what it takes. I know his faith. He's not one who quits."

Kirk said he's known Narcisse for about 15 years, when he became concerned about how minorities were faring in the state's education system.  Kirk has been active in Democratic politics. He was a member of President Obama's national ministry team and Scott County co-chairman of U.S. Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004.

Narcisse, during the Branstad Administration, served as the youngest chair of a state commission in the history of Iowa, the Iowa Commission on the Status of African Americans.  Last year he received a Pinnacle Award from the Culver Administration for his statewide contributions to Iowa.

He was also inducted, in December, as the youngest member ever in the history of the Iowa African American Hall of Fame. Over the years he's received more than 400 honors and awards including being recognized by the Bush, Clinton and Bush Administrations and by the Branstad, Vilsack and Culver Administrations.

Not a difficult decision

Considering the scope and depth of Narcisse's body of work, his familiarity with both the Branstad and Culver administrations and his broad appeal to both core democratic groups and social and fiscal conservatives, it is inexplicable to exclude The Iowa Party candidate from the debates.

"How can the sponsoring media, having reported on Jonathan in well over four hundred media reports this past decade, ignore his candidacy when it comes to the debates? Excluding Jonathan from these televised conversations would be a travesty and a disservice to all Iowans looking for an alternative to a sixth term of the Branstad/Culver administration," stated Koontz.

Narcisse, 47 years old, has two second place finishes in U.S. Chess Championships and went undefeated as a semi-pro boxer in the D.C. area with a 17-0 record. He is the father of three children Johnce, Integrity and Perseverance and has three grandchildren. Since August of 2009 Narcisse has completed one 99 county circuit in Iowa and is seven counties short of a second complete 99 county circuit.

# # #
Contact Information
Jonathan Narcisse / / 515-770-1218
Co-Chair, Walter Reed / 515-771-7785
Co-Chair Todd McGreevy / / 563-650-0120

DAVENPORT, IA - August 24, 2010

Scott County residents assembled Tuesday evening in downtown Davenport and nominated three independent Non Party Political Organization (NPPO) candidates to appear on the general election ballot for Scott County Supervisor. There are three open Supervisor positions.

John Riley (Blue Grass), Jesse Anderson (LeClaire), and John Greene (Davenport) were unanimously supported by the thirty-five precincts represented by fifty six people attending the convention.

The group also unanimously supported the title for the NPPO as Iowans For Accountability.  In addition, the Iowans For Accountability debated a county-wide issues platform. Agreed upon were the following primary issues:

* Increasingly high property taxes
* Corporate & individual welfare
* Personal property rights  
* Unchecked spending
* Transparent courts
* Cronyism

Organizers will file the paper work with the Scott County Auditors office, Wednesday, the final day for filing for county candidates.

Candidate Profiles & Contact Information

John Riley
(563) 514-3388
Blue Grass, IA
Age: 63
Married, 6 children
Structural Engineer
Iowa State University graduate 1972 / Civil Engineering  
Vietnam veteran, US Army 1967-69; Purple Heart
Provided structural engineering services for:
New Scott County Court House and Jail
Seven story 7th Judicial District Building, Davenport
Nearly every school expansion in QC's
Ground Transportation Center, Davenport
Numerous commercial buildings in QC's
The only structure erected in over 100 years on the Arsenal Island, the Naval Marine Corps Training Center

John Greene
(563) 499-8786
Davenport, IA
Age: 51
Single parent, 2 children
Small business owner
Construction and landscaping company, 18 years
Heavy equipment technician
Former US Marine
Cancer survivor

Jesse Anderson
(309) 235-5813
LeClaire, IA
Age: 28
Married, 1 child
Operations Director, family run pet food processing company
Augustana College graduate, 2007 / Political Science
Experience in restaurant management with Isle of Capri, River Music Experience, and the QC Freight House

Iowans For Accountability
Chairman, Michael Elliott
(563) 570-5395

Secretary, Michael Angelos
(563) 324-4716

# # #

(Editor's note: This package also includes the sidebars "The More You Make, The More They Take" and "The 'Contract' and 'Article 8 of the Articles of Freedom the Works of Continental Congress 2009' on the Income Tax.")

Your  Servant GovernmentWere our federal and state constitutions written to limit and control the actions of the people or limit and control the actions of the government? The Iowa Constitution reads: "All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right, at all times, to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it."

What denotes "public good" is no doubt the seed of discord between those who would see government take or borrow resources to provide for those that cannot provide for themselves and those who would see government ensure the protection of personal property so the people may provide for themselves and each other.

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation hosted an Illinois gubernatorial debate on Wednesday, January 27, at the University of Chicago. Seven candidates participated: Republicans Adam Andrzejewski and Dan Proft, Green Party candidate Richard Whitney, Libertarian Lex Green, Constitution Party nominee Randall Stufflebeam, independent Dock Walls, and independent Michael White.

Video from the debate is presented in two parts below.

The organization supports increasing ballot access and pledges to "challenge state ballot-access laws through legal challenges, lobbying of state legislators, petitioning, recall, initiative, and referendum efforts." It also says that "all ballot-qualified candidates should have the opportunity to participate in debates." Its Web site is

Part 1

Part 2

For Immediate Release                        Contact: Robert Romano

January 14th, 2010 Phone: (703) 383-0880

"It is up to Senators Harkin and Grassley who represent a right-to-work state to stop this tax on non-union

health benefits dead in its tracks. There is too much at stake. 92 percent of workers not

in unions must not be forced to subsidize the other 8 percent who receive union health benefits."

- ALG President Bill Wilson

January 14th, 2010, Fairfax, VA?Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a letter urged Senators Tom Harkin and Chuck Grassley, who represent a "right-to-work" state, to oppose a 40 percent excise tax on non-union health care plans that "will hit your states and districts particularly hard, and is grossly unfair to non-union workers."

"I am calling upon you to publicly denounce this blatant attack upon the citizens of your state. They will, I am certain, be eagerly awaiting your response," Wilson declared in his letter, calling the tax on non-union health insurance plans "contemptible."

"This is absolutely deplorable to American workers, 92 percent of whom do not belong to unions," wrote Wilson his letter. "In essence, non-union employers and employees will be forced to subsidize the cost of exempting union workers from the tax, which will cost families in your states and districts thousands of dollars a year in additional charges."

According to the Associated Press, "Officials say the White House and labor leaders have reached a tentative agreement on how to tax high-value health insurance plans to help pay for a revamped medical system...The proposed tax has been a major sticking point because labor leaders fear union members, with some of the more lucrative benefit plans, would be hurt. President Barack Obama supports it as a way to hold down costs by nudging workers into less pricey coverage."

The tax, as passed in the Senate bill, would charge insurance companies a 40 percent excise tax on coverage above $8,500 for an individual and $23,000 for a family. Within three years, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the tax would apply to nearly 20 percent of all workers. Within six years, it would reach a fifth of all households earning as little as $50,000 annually.

"Only now," Wilson said in a statement, "the unions are exempted in a deal hand-crafted by Barack Obama."

According to Wilson's letter, "Immediately, [the tax] will have three impacts: 1) Health benefits will be cut as many insurers and employers stop providing such plans that were once affordable; 2) Of those plans not cancelled, the costs will be passed on to the insured, raising premiums; and 3) This new Health Care Penalty Tax will be used in Right-to-Work states as a backdoor method to forcing workers to join unions, since union dues would be less than the tax."

This is a tax aimed at non-union workers and non-unionized businesses, in particularly, small businesses that provide good health coverage to their employees," Wilson wrote, adding, "Moreover, this tax will disproportionately impact Baby Boomers, women, and the infirmed ? in short, anyone that pays higher premiums because of medical need ? none of whom have a seat at the closed-door negotiations hastily taking place now."

"Meanwhile, union bosses of the AFL-CIO and the SEIU have been well-represented, as is indicated by this contemptible union exemption from the 40 percent excise tax," Wilson wrote.

Previously, Wilson has called for negotiations on what he called a "government takeover of the nation's health system" to be opened to the public. In a statement, he said this latest exemption for unions "illustrates with clarity why transparency is so important."

"The American people have no seat at the table right now, as Congressional leaders make deals with union bosses resulting in kickbacks that non-union workers will have to foot the bill for," Wilson said.

"It is up to Senators Harkin and Grassley who represent a right-to-work state to stop this tax on non-union health benefits dead in its tracks," Wilson said, concluding, "There is too much at stake. 92 percent of workers not in unions must not be forced to subsidize the other 8 percent who receive union health benefits."



Americans for Limited Government is a non- partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms,private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at

Continental Congress 2009

The Continental Congress 2009 concluded its 11 days of deliberating on Saturday, November 21. The work product that is emerging, titled "Articles of Freedom," is a testament to a measured, thoughtful, and lawful process that all Americans can be proud of. The more than 100 delegates that convened from 48 states set out to end the violations of the Constitution through which the People's administrative and judicial processes have already been exhausted - i.e., exercising their First Amendment Right to Petition for a Redress of Grievances with no legitimate response from the federal government.

The resultant document, "Articles of Freedom," is the proverbial line in the sand that, if 3 to 5 percent of America embraces it, can restore Constitutional order in America. The "Remedial Instructions to Congress & the States" as well as the suggested "Civic Action" for the people to take to enforce these instructions illustrate that we are in our Republic's 11th hour. If we are to remain a free people, it is time to take action beyond two-party elections, beyond unheard petitioning, and beyond rallies and marches. Those efforts have not worked.
Today's Highlights:
* Presentation on North American Union & American Sovereignty
* Presentation on Private Property & the Kelo Case
* Debate on Tax Clause Violation & Vote on Remedial Instructions & Civic Action