In late September, ground was broken in Davenport for the construction of a new shelter for homeless people. The shelter, an effort by the John Lewis Coffee House, will provide lodging for 78 additional homeless men and women.
According to government records, in the 1980s the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and an American biological sample company sent to Iraq strains of all the germs Iraq used to make weapons. These shipments were legal and approved by the Commerce Department.
I'm writing to update information in a recent article ("Keeping Voters in the Dark," River Cities' Reader Issue 393, September 25-October 1, 2002). As a candidate for the 43rd State Senate District, I was listed as "did not respond but is not listed on Project Vote Smart literature.
I am writing in response to your article "Can September 11 Still Change Everything?" in Issue 391 (September 11, 2002) of the River Cities' Reader. The anniversary of the September 11 attacks has brought to light that the media, both on the national and local level, are simply stuck in a rut with reporting stories of either what happened on that day or simply how the event changed the nation, the state, the community, and the individual.
Nine months ago, I would not have imagined being elected as a member of the school board. I am humbled by the overwhelming support of the residents of Davenport, Walcott, Blue Grass, and Buffalo. As the top vote-getter and the winner in 74 percent of the voting precincts, it is clear that the voters believe in my positive message of preserving neighborhood schools, fiscal responsibility, and consensus-building through community involvement.
What a tribute of respect for Ron Kinser (former Iowa state legislator) as people from all walks of life came to visitation and to the funeral. As I watched these folks, I thought of our current mayor and his unfortunate tongue.
On June 10, 2002, Administrative Law Judge Susan Anderson of the Iowa Department of Education upheld the April 22 decision of the Davenport Community Schools Board of Directors to close Johnson and Grant elementary schools.
Section 11 of the Cannabis Control Act (see City Shorts, River Cities' Reader Issue 378, June 12, 2002) allows eligible Illinois patients to legally use medical marijuana, providing they obtain written approval from the Illinois State Police.
I am appalled at the editorial staff of the River Cities' Reader. Kathleen McCarthy has written an unresearched and unsubstantiated editorial ("Much More to the Story," Issue 369, April 10-16, 2002), apparently in an attempt to bring mob mentality to the City of Davenport.
Whether or not someone supports House File 2288 has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they "support the arts." (See "March for Cultural Trust Fund," River Cities' Reader Issue 362, February 20-26, 2002.