Mike LoGuidice's review of the art exhibit Big Fiber in the October 13-19 issue of the River Cities' Reader was a welcome review of a small but rich show in Rock Island's growing arts district. He captured well the master/apprentice origin of the relationship between the artists, and his descriptions of the works were well penned.
During the week of October 18-23, Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns 62 TV stations nationwide, is forcing its affiliates to air an anti-John Kerry film entitled Stolen Honor. The FCC has refused to do anything about it but at this writing, there is an intense nationwide boycott against Sinclair, and its stock is at an all- time low point.
I hear in this campaign that Senator Kerry has a plan that will penalize companies for moving their manufacturing to foreign countries. He indicated that the current administration has rewarded companies for this loss of jobs.
It's time for a change. It's time that the Iowa school boards stop appointing individuals to the board who they think are appropriate. It's time that the people of this city/state have a chance to speak up and be heard.
The flow of jobs overseas isn't the only consequence of the misnamed free trade agreements. NAFTA has opened our nation's borders wider than ever to illegal immigration, and the proposed Free-Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) would worsen this already huge problem.
After months of lengthy roundtable discussion, the citizens of Davenport and Rock Island were rewarded with the final draft of the River Vision plan. This $250,000 dream for drawing the two cities more closely together was co-sponsored by the two cities and drawn up by the Massachusetts consulting firm of Hargreaves Associates.
I am very impressed with your newspaper's Issue 487 about the rental inspections and fire inspections. Most newspapers will not print the truth. At one time I owned 27 rental units; I have sold all my residential units and purchased commercial units so I would not have to deal with the city inspections.
Very excited to learn that President Bush was going to be in the Quad Cities last week, I immediately decided to take my students to the rally. What a wonderful way to teach young people about how our country selects its leaders, and an opportunity to see the leader of the free world in person! I called Jim Nussle's office and was told that there were tickets left but I'd better hurry, because they would be gone in two hours.
So Barb Caffrey wants to write for the River Cities' Reader. (See "Keep This Man from Writing Again," River Cities' Reader Issue 486, July 21-27, 2004.) I guess it's the recruiter in me that imagines what that job interview would be like ... "Well, Todd and Kathleen, you should hire me because Jeff Ignatius is incompetent, and the article on rental-property inspections was deplorable and horrible.
"Fixing Problem Properties" (written by Jeff Ignatius) is one of the worst cover stories I can remember in the Reader. (See Issue 485, July 14-20, 2004.) The title alone suggests that it would deal with bad-looking properties, perhaps tenant problems, or even a well-balanced approach to the issue of landlords who appear to be blowing off their properties and not fixing them.