DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announces that the state’s voter registration totals are at the highest mark in the state’s history for a December prior to an election year. New data shows 1,991,419 active registered voters in Iowa.

ALTOONA – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) partnered on Wednesday to conduct information technology workshops for county auditors and their staff. EAC Chairman Matt Masterson and Director of Testing and Certification Brian Hancock joined Secretary Pate and his staff for the Election Officials as IT Managers training at the Adventureland Inn in Altoona.

DES MOINES – Thousands of elementary, middle school and high school students across Iowa participated in Secretary of State Paul Pate’s 2017 Iowa Youth Straw Poll on Wednesday. The Straw Poll is an exercise designed to inspire civic engagement among Iowa’s youth and give them a feel for how the electoral process works.

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is conducting the 2017 Iowa Youth Straw Poll in hundreds schools across Iowa on Wednesday, November 1. The goal of the Straw Poll is to engage students in a hands-on learning experience that will inspire them to participate in their community. Poll questions will include whether cities should allow the use and sale of fireworks, favorite school subject, favorite state university, and favorite superhero.

DES MOINES – Secretary of State Paul Pate reminds Iowans that September is National Voter Registration Month and encourages every eligible citizen to participate. Secretary Pate is working with Iowa’s elected officials to promote voter registration. 

DES MOINES – More than 3,000 visitors cast votes in Secretary of State Paul Pate’s annual Iowa State Fair Straw Poll. The questions included Iowans’ choice for governor, favorite college mascot, and favorite fair food. The poll was conducted at Secretary Pate’s booth throughout the State Fair, August 10-20.

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s State Fair Straw Poll shows Governor Kim Reynolds with a significant lead in the Republican field, and State Senator Nate Boulton leads the Democrats vying for governor. Those are the results so far of the poll conducted at the Secretary of State’s fair booth.

Attributed to resonating message, sizable crowds LAKE JACKSON, Texas - 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is getting attention - and complimentary frontrunner stature - from GOP newspaper "The Iowa Republican."

Is Ron Paul the New Iowa Frontrunner?
By Kevin Hall

As the rest of the GOP field experiences the highs and lows of the campaign trail, one candidate's support remains constant.  Ron Paul's supporters are the most fervent, the most loyal, and there are plenty of them in Iowa.

A larger than expected crowd of 160 packed Gates Hall in Nevada to hear Paul speak at a Story County GOP chili supper Tuesday evening.  "It's always a good thing when you have to panic right before a fundraiser when you don't know if you have enough tables and chairs," said Story County GOP chairman Cory Adams, who has endorsed Paul.

The Texas congressman's supporters comprised the majority of the crowd.  One of the youngest, Shayla Peters, 11, spoke to the crowd before Paul was introduced.  She read a recent school report written about a person she admired.  Peters chose Ron Paul as her subject.

"He's always clear in his decisions and he's always for the Constitution," the sixth grader told The Iowa Republican.  "He always gives straight answers and that's what I like."

Shayla Peters is hardly alone in her appreciation of Ron Paul's libertarian views.  His message is resonating with a significant contingent of Iowa Caucus goers.  Drawing sizable crowds at every tour stop, the Texas congressman has a motivated and active base.

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