The Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) is in the process of reapplying for the federal HOPE VI grant, after having its first application, for $20 million, denied on May 17. The grant is intended to be the facilitator for a $40.
James Naguina believes that veterans who have served their country honorably, but fallen on hard times, deserve an opportunity. "What I am trying to sell is a second chance for an individual that has sworn to give his [or her] life up for this country, and did serve this country honorably," said Naguina, employment specialist for Goodwill Industries of Southeast Iowa.
Two sports bars in the Quad Cities are catering specifically to non-smokers, giving people the opportunity to eat and drink without the smoke that clogs most taverns. "My friend is a smoker, so it is funny to watch him squirm while we sit and have a drink because he knows he has to wait to have a cigarette," said Jay Keim, a resident of Rock Island and a customer at 3rd & 22.
The Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) announced January 7 that it has received Housing Choice Vouchers for the remaining 48 families residing at the Valley Homes public-housing complex in Rock Island, giving residents the ability to relocate to housing owned by private landlords.
Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, 40 percent of eighth-graders at Bettendorf Middle School must be proficient - at their grade level - in reading and math. In 2003, 80 percent of those children tested proficient in those subjects.
United Neighbors announced last month that it raised $200,000 for its Davenport Real Estate Affordable Mortgage (DREAM) program, including a $100,000 challenge grant from Wells Fargo. For each dollar raised by United Neighbors from April 6 through October 6, Wells Fargo donated one dollar to the program, which helps low- and moderate-income individuals purchase and fix up homes.
Davenport in August became the first among the Quad Cities to implement red-light cameras at intersections. The City of Davenport has red light cameras at five different intersections: Kimberly Road and Elmore Avenue; Kimberly Road and Welcome Way; Kimberly Road and Brady Street; West 35th and Harrison streets; and West Fourth and Division streets.
The Rock Island Housing Authority is building the first public housing in the Quad Cities in more than two decades. Six homes for low- and moderate-income people are currently under construction - at a cost of $1 million - and the authority has applied for funding for another six.
Jack Wilhoit Working for the Department of the Army, Jack Wilhoit of Davenport travels from country to country as part of his job. Through his traveling, he also pursues his interest of photography, and it's doors that often draw his lens, earning him the nickname "The Door Guy.