We had 69 entries in our spring photography contest, with the categories "brazen," "future," and "illumination." As you might guess, that last one got the majority of the entries, and there were admittedly some struggles in making connections between the prompts and the pictures in the other two.

That's part of the fun of these contests, however. On these pages you'll find some of our favorites, with whatever commentary the photographer provided.

Thanks to all who entered!

Illumination, First Place: Skylar Davis.

Brazen, Third Place: Jess Ellis.

Future, Honorable Mention: Matthew Terry.

Illumination, Honorable Mention: Jess Ellis.

Future, Third Place: Aric Keil.

Illumination, Honorable Mention: Bruce James Bales.

Brazen, First Place: Brandon Anderson.

Brazen, Honorable Mention: Bruce James Bales.

Illumination, Honorable Mention: Jon Burns.

Future, First Place: Margaret Sherwin.

Illumination, Second Place: Megan Crandall Cooper.

Future, Second Place: Deb Rowley.

Illumination, Honorable Mention: Megan Crandall Cooper.

Illumination, Third Place: Margaret Sherwin.

Brazen, Second Place: Aric Keil.

Illumination, Honorable Mention: Lisa Leisek.

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