Honorable Mention: Barry Sharp (The Bench Seat)

Many thanks to all who entered the River Cities' Reader’s Spring 2020 Photo Contest for which we received dozens of entries in the categories of "Past," "Present," and "Future." Here are our winners and honorable mentions – congratulations to all!

Honorable Mention: Barry Sharp (The Bench Seat)

Artist's statement: "This was photographed near Missoula, Montana. It represents a time when 'bench seats' allowed couples to snuggle up to each other – seat belts were still optional."


Past, Second Place (tie): Kevin Schafer (Buffalo Bill Homestead, LeClaire, IA 2019)


Honorable Mention: Bill Peiffer (Rainy Night Coming Home from Buffalo)


Past, Second Place (tie): Eric Landuyt (Abandoned Church)


Honorable Mention: Sebastiana Freiburg (Flood of 2019)


Present, Second Place: Aric Keil (Jigsaw Puzzle)

Artist's statement: "This photograph of a jigsaw puzzle represents the current times of empty streets and indoor pastimes."


Honorable Mention: Kevin Schafer (Blue Noose)


Future, Second Place: Margaret Sherwin (Piled Pleasantly)


Honorable Mention: Barry Sharp (Sutliff Bridge)


Honorable Mention: Bill Peiffer (Super Moon)


Honorable Mention: Margaret Sherwin (Rehab)


Past, First Place: Kevin Schafer (One Room Schoolhouse, Clinton Co., IA 2020)

Artist's statement: "I have no statement of my own, other than to quote William Faulkner's famous line from Requiem for a Nun (1951): 'The past is never dead. It's not even past.'"


Honorable Mention: Brendan Sears (Afterlight)


Present, First Place: Barry Sharp (1-74 Bridge)

Artist's statement: "This bridge has served as an iconic symbol of the Quad Cities for generations. During the 1960 presidential campaign, John Kennedy rode down State Street in Bettendorf, crossed the 'Bettendorf' bridge on his way to speak at the Quad City Airport."


Honorable Mention: Eric Landuyt (Hungry Koi)


Future, First Place: Aric Keil (Hope to Travel, Dine, and Socialize)


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