Ralph Scott's "Street Performer" at the Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery -- July 2 through August 31.

Thursday, July 2, through Monday, August 31

Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery, 2200 69th Avenue, Moline IL

Thoughtful, fascinating, and beautiful works in a variety of artistic mediums will be on display in the latest exhibitions at the Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery, with the Moline airport, from July 2 through August 31, showcasing the talents of three gifted Midwestern artists: Ralph Scott of East Peoria, Illinois; Andrea Van Wyk of Pella, Iowa; and Terry Rathje of Long Grove, Iowa.

Andrea Van Wyk's "Rome in June"

Scott manipulates cell-phone images to create digital paintings., and through the use of software, the artist can achieve painterly effects or rework his compositions to place emphasis on their most important details. He also combines images, such as a tricycle with clouds, to create an otherworldly effect, with Scott's finished images consequently printed on aluminum.

Van Wyk paints realistic magnifications of flowers and spiral staircases on large canvases, ranging in sizes 48” x 72” and 60” x 48”. She collects images of what she wishes to paint while traveling throughout the U.S. and overseas, then settles into her studio to interpret her findings with oil paint. An art educator for Pella Community Schools since graduating from the city's Central College in 1984, Van Wyk is currently teaching eight different exploratory art classes at the middle school and art appreciation at the high school for Des Moines Area Community College.

Terry Rathje sculpture

Rathje creates his sculptures by first drawing out his ideas, then making models, then laminating large quantities of wood together, then shaping the wood using a variety of tools including grinders, saws, and sometimes even fire. Explaining the added effort on his TerryRathje.com Web site, the artrist explains, “There are many reasons to make things, but at the heart of it is a compulsion for expression; an obsession to make things to get them out of your head and into the world, to leave yourself a milepost that marks the passage of time and an accumulation of effort.”

The Quad City International Airport Gallery is located opposite the airport's gift shop and restaurant, there is a $1 fee for parking, and more information on the Ralph Scott, Andrea Van Wyk, and Terry Rathje exhibits on display from July 2 through August 31 is available by calling (309)793-1213 extension 108 or visiting QuadCityArts.com.

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