“Nicole Davis: Let the Circle Be Unbroken" at Black Hawk College's ArtSpace Gallery -- August 10 through October 2.

Monday, August 10, through Friday, October 2

Black Hawk College ArtSpace Gallery, Building 4, 6600 34th Avenue, Moline IL

Multi-hued works by a Black Hawk College alumna will be featured in the school's ArtSpace Gallery from August 10 through October 2, as the Moline college hosts a showcase for interdisciplinary artist Nicole Davis in her her exhibition Let the Circle Be Unbroken.

Based in Iowa, Davis works primarily in textile, photography, painting, and installation. She took studio art courses at Black Hawk College from 2014-17 before transferring to the University of Iowa in 2017, where she earned a Master of Arts in 2019 and a Master of Fine Arts with honors in 2020. Davis previously enjoyed solo exhibitions in Cedar Rapids' Legion Arts at CSPS Hall and Iowa City's University of Iowa, and has taught for public-school systems in Chicago, Evanston, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In her artist statement, Davis says, “My work uses discarded textiles assembled to evoke personal, ancestral, and cultural memory as a form of sustenance and resistance within the patriarchal, capitalist, white supremacist societal structure in which we currently live. I choose to use castaway and discarded items in the making art objects to serve as a metaphor for the people and things that exist on the margins of society.”

She continues, “Reclaiming that which has been disposed of and/or rejected and highlighting the beauty and richness of it helps to re-center my orbit around humanness as opposed to maleness, greed, and whiteness. I use the accumulated history embodied within found objects, memories projected onto these objects by myself and the viewer, to tell a story that is different than the one larger society declares as truth. It is through this practice that sustain my humanness and resist/transform the forces that wish to deny it.”

Nicole Davis: Let the Circle Be Unbroken will be on display from August 10 through October 2 in the Black Hawk College ArtSpace Gallery, located on the first floor of the college's Building 4. In lieu of a traditional reception, an artist talk will be made available online, and more information on the exhibit is available by contacting Annie Oldenburg at (309)796-5473 or visiting BHC.edu.

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