the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy's “The Art of Travel" -- online through April 30.

Online through Thursday, April 30

Hosted by the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy, 2967 State Street, Bettendorf IA

Admirers of the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy can soon enjoy vacation stops the world over without ever leaving the comforts of their homes, with the Bettendorf venue, through April 30, showcasing works in the online exhibit The Art of Travel that celebrate their artists' travel experiences through a variety of chosen mediums.

As Pat Beréskin told the Bettendorf Business Network, this travel-themed art show is a first for the gallery owner who has traveled extensively throughout Italy, France, and the Mediterranean, and was inspired by her venue's frequent contributor and instructor Bob Zeidler. “He and his wife went to Greece and he did a series of watercolors,” said Beréskin. “There is nothing more I would like than have someone come in and buy one of Bob’s pieces, give it to their wife or partner, and say, ‘We are going on a trip here’” Or to buy a painting as a memento of a special trip. The best part of traveling, other than relaxing, is learning about the area you will be visiting. All the artists have gone to these places and would love to share some of their experiences beyond the canvas.”

Beréskin herself, who works largely in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, and Zeidler, whose principal medium is watercolor, will be contributing paintings to the Art of Travel exhibition, along with 13 fellow artists: Dave Anderson (oil), Brad Bisbey (acrylic), Heidi Brandt (photography), Bonnie Grebner (photography), Rose Moore (pastel), Jo Myers-Walker (watercolor), Pam Ohnemus (acrylic), Barry Sharp (photography), Troy Swangstu (oil, acrylic), Kaitlin Walsh (watercolor), Laura Warner (printmaking), Claire Waterman (oil, acrylic), and David Zahn (ceramic).

To view the online The Art of Travel exhibition and for more information, call (563)508-4630, e-mail, and visit

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