Noah Eis' "Food Landscape"

Virtual Awards Presentation: Tuesday, April 7, 6 p.m.

Online Exhibit: through Sunday, May 31

Hosted by the Quad City Arts Center, 1715 Second Avenue, Rock Island IL

Each spring, Quad City Arts shows works from top Quad City high school visual artists and their art teachers. The exhibit fills the walls of the venue's downtown Rock Island gallery, with the opening ceremony attended by hundreds of Quad Citians supporting young artistic talent, and students receive thousands of dollars in awards from exhibition sponsors. This year, due to Illinois' stay-at-home order, the 43rd Annual High School Art Invitational is getting an unexpected update to the traditional gallery exhibit, with works viewable to the public through Quad City Arts' Web site through May 31.

Even though the gallery is currently closed, Quad City Arts was committed to making this show happen. The students' artwork will consequently be available for public viewing in online-gallery format, allowing the exhibit's participants to still show their artwork in a virtual-gallery setting and compete for more than $5,000 in scholarships and prizes. High school art teachers in the greater Quad City region were invited to choose works by their top five students, plus one film project, one piece made of wood, and one using recycled materials. This year, Quad City Arts received submissions from 12 schools, 97 students, and 13 teachers.

For many students, this will be the first time they receive formal recognition for their creative talents, and this can inspire them to pursue careers in the arts and find out how their talents can be applied. In addition to the opportunity to show their work publicly, this exhibition is important in demonstrating to students the process of competing for gallery shows. As professional artists know, getting into exhibitions can be discouraging, but there is value in seeing which pieces were selected.

Meanwhile, the annual High School Art Invitational exhibitions are important for the public, as well, because they showcase the incredible creativity of our young people and our future work force. Creative people have a particular ability to problem-solve – a trait sought after by numerous professions, especially in our current times.

Mia Griffin's "Self-Portrait"

Among this year's students who submitted works in drawing and paintings are: Brooklyn Arnold (Bettendorf); Isaac Blandin (Central DeWitt); Lydia Bloome (Bettendorf); Maggie Borota (Central DeWitt); Hannah Brogden (Central DeWitt); Abigail Butcher (Kewanee); Genaro Carrillo (Rock Island); Isabelle Critten (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Sophie Curtis (Pleasant Valley); Brissa Dalburg (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); Layla Dev (Kewanee); Grace DeVrieze (Sherrard); Mia Diabira (Bettendorf); Alexisciel Dinh (Assumption); Elise Dorrance (Davenport Central); Daityn Duffy (Moline); Sarah Dyer (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); LaDella Gallagher (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Lauryn Ginter (Central DeWitt); Mia Griffin (Bettendorf); Laila Haley (Sherrard); Austin Hall (Kewanee); Alisa Henderson (Bettendorf); Jacob Hornbuckle (Bettendorf); Emma Hubbard (Bettendorf); Olivia Hucke (Mercer County); Hayden IntVeld (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Holly Jacobs (Sherrard); Lola Johanssen (Pleasant Valley); Thomas Johnson (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); Jeremiah Kirby (Rock Island); Ethan Kopplin (Rock Island); Kamryn Linskey (Sherrard); and Jaide Logsdon (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy).

Also included among the exhibition's drawing and painting artists are: Paige Magestrelli (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy ); Paul Malachuk (Pleasant Valley); Anthony Mata-Bolandi (Moline); Mallory Mazzocco (Mercer County); Gracie Miller (Assumption); Siobhan Morley (Pleasant Valley); Kenneth Nguyen (Assumption); William Pendrak (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); Addison Phillips (Moline); Michael PK (Central DeWitt); Maggie Pope (Sherrard); Aenish Porte (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Jacqualyn Richardson (Mercer County); Jenna Riordan (Pleasant Valley); Schroeder (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Kaylin Scott (Kewanee); Katy Shewell (Rock Island); Harrison Smith (Kewanee); Makayla Smith (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Kristina Snowdon (Mercer County); Greta Solbrig (Bettendorf); Mercedes Stanger (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Violet Stevenson (Moline); Lily Tackett (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); Rosy VanHyfte (Moline); Audrey Whitaker (Bettendorf); Madelaine Williams (Bettendorf); and Teuming Xu (Assumption).

Sarah Dyer's "To Be in Korea"

Those submitting works in digital and photography include: Zakiya Bolar (Bettendorf); Dylan Bonis (Bettendorf); Morgan Culbertson (Bettendorf); Bella DeGeeter (Davenport West); Lena Dybro (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Noah Eis (Food Landscape); Emmalee Grace (Bettendorf); Nick Hendley (Davenport West); Makenna Long (Davenport West); Adrian Miracle (Davenport West); Yen Nguyen (Davenport West); James Phong (Davenport West); Kaitlyn Powell (Davenport West); Hailey Reis (Bettendorf); Abrigal Selby (Davenport West); Nina Spirliev (Mercer County); Chloe Wheeler (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Cameron White (Davenport West); and Chloe Yacapraro (Davenport Central).

Student artists contributing pottery and sculpture include: Laylon Baucom (Pleasant Valley); Kade Green (Pleasant Valley); Liam Haskill (Rock Island); Elaine Johnson (Sherrard); Kyle Knedler (Pleasant Valley); Morgan Lawson (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Bailey Mattioli (Pleasant Valley); Emma Meade (Pleasant Valley); Abby Olderog (Pleasant Valley); Laci Roberts (Pleasant Valley); and Victoria Young (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy). Video art was created by: Thomas Hale (Davenport West); Wyeth Platt (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Lucas Teasdale (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); and Jimmy Thai (Davenport West).

And works by the teachers who selected 43rd Annual High School Art Invitational contributors are also featured in the exhibit: Clint Balsar (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Pat Beréskin (Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy); Nick Digioia (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Cassie Dunlavey (Central DeWitt); Andrew Gray (Rock Island); Alexandria Medenciy (Pleasant Valley); Hilary Puglisi (Bettendorf); Juan Rangel (Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy); Holly Secker-Brosman (Assumption); Tim Solbrig (Bettendorf); Lisa Stisser (Kewanee); and Janet Wilson (Sherrard).

To view Quad City Arts' online 43rd Annual High School Art Invitational exhibition and for more information, e-mail and visit

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